The Big List Of Anime Selectors
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  1. S+S select your character By Cherry Angel
  2. SA2B and Below! By Knuckles
  3. Saber Marionette Fever Quiz By Caryl
  4. Saber Marionette J Character Selector By JG!
  5. Saber Marionette J Character Selector By lady_aoi
  6. Saber Marionette J marionette character selecter By eddy
  7. Saber Marionette J marionette female character selecter By Eddie Bowman
  8. Saber Marionette J Personality By Bloodberry
  9. Saber Marionette J Personality Selector By Frank Rice
  10. Saber Marionette J selector By fuuh2
  11. Saber Marionette selector By kaori_chan
  12. Sabrina Online Personality Tester By Richard Conrad
  13. Sachi-chans Character Selector By Sachi-chan
  14. Sacred Stones of Destiny characters By Lynn Vovan
  15. Sadaes Sheer Madness Anime Selector! By Sadae Sakana
  16. Sailor Australias Sailor Inner Scout Personality Quiz By sailoraustralia
  17. sailor moon By rikku
  18. Sailor Moon By Luna the Meatball
  19. Sailor Moon Bear Life Character By Debiwi
  20. Sailor Moon Bishounen Selector By Kousagi
  21. Sailor Moon Bishounen Selector By Hino Rei
  22. Sailor Moon Chara Selector By Kate
  23. Sailor Moon Character By AwesomeRyoko
  24. Sailor Moon Character By Makoto Kino
  25. Sailor Moon Character By smw_009
  26. Sailor Moon Character Chooser By Vegetaztwin
  27. Sailor Moon character quiz By Taytay
  28. Sailor Moon Character Selector By Tsukiko
  29. Sailor Moon Character Selector By Serenity-sama
  30. Sailor moon charactor? By lil chibi : - )
  31. Sailor Moon Death Busters Selector By Mistress Viluy
  32. Sailor Moon obsession? By andra
  33. Sailor Moon Personality Match By Jupernia
  34. Sailor Moon Personality Quiz By serena_bunny3
  35. Sailor Moon Personality Selector By Shi no Tenshi
  36. Sailor moon personality test By Cutechibichibi
  37. Sailor Moon Personality Test By BlueRolePlayGirl
  38. Sailor Moon Roomate Test By kaze no hoshi
  39. Sailor Moon Sailor Senshi Selector (SMSSS) By Anata
  40. Sailor Moon Selector By Mel
  41. Sailor Moon Selector By Ashley
  42. sailor moon senshi quiz! By Anthy Himemiya
  43. Sailor Moon Senshi/Power Selector By art fearie
  44. Sailor moon SuperStars Quiz By misato-ryohji
  45. Sailor Moon Villain Personality Selector By Avi
  46. Sailor Moon villain quiz:Black moon By Nadia and Ara
  47. Sailor Moon Villain Selector By DarkYak
  48. Sailor Moon Villain Selector By Zaedite
  49. Sailor Moon Villain Selector By darkpower
  50. Sailor Scout Character Quiz By Sailor Ceres
  51. Sailor Scout Rollcall By Hotohori_Fuu
  52. Sailor Scout Selector By Uranus-Chan
  53. Sailor Scout Selector By SwordGanner
  54. Sailor Scouts Indicator By Raye Hino
  55. Sailor Senshi By Geri Faerie
  56. Sailor Senshi By Crystal Lady Selenity
  57. Sailor Senshi By Aron
  58. Sailor Senshi of the Elements By Cammy
  59. Sailor Senshi personality quiz By A.T a.k.a. Uranus
  60. Sailor Senshi Personality quiz By SonomiAMG
  61. Sailor Senshi Selecter By Silver Faerie
  62. Sailor Senshi Selector By Mokona
  63. Sailor Senshi Selector! Yay By Anna
  64. Sailor Stars Character Selector By Meshi
  65. Sailor who By Jessie
  66. Sailormoon Baddie By Leenie
  67. Sailormoon character selector By Valagru
  68. Sailormoon Character Selector By Shauna098
  69. Sailormoon Charecter test (R excluded) By Tee
  71. Sailormoon Neo Character Selector By Janelle J. (Miaka Shi)
  72. SailorMoon Senshi Test By Shocking_Kiwi
  73. Sailormoon Test By Zoisaito
  74. SailorMoon Test ^.^ By Nanaki
  75. Sailormoon what senshi are you By Chibi_Chan_named_hope
  76. Sailormoon Zodiac Character Selector By Janelle J. (Miaka Shi)
  77. SailorMoonSurvivor Personality Selector By Ashley
  78. Saint Seiya Character Selector By ikka
  79. Saint Tail Character Selector By Lily-chan
  80. saint-seiya selector By camus_i love you vanessa
  81. Saiyan Warriors By Tien the three eyed god
  82. Saiyuki By Sway&Mitsko
  83. Saiyuki Character Selector By Leviathan Cross
  84. Saiyuki character selector By SuzakuNoMiko
  85. Saiyuki Character selectors By YukiFumi
  86. saiyuki hunk chooser By Dagger
  87. Saiyuki Man Selector By asheiyu
  88. Sakur_World By Sakura_Star
  90. Sakura Taisen (Wars) Personality Selector By Allison
  91. Sakura Taisen Characters By Kaze-san
  92. Sakura&Syaoran By Paola Lazo
  93. Samurai Deeper Kyo character? By hiei10
  95. Samurai X By X
  96. Saras Character Selector Thingy By Sara
  97. Satori By Kazeno Tamashii
  98. Satoshi`s litte Selector By Satoshi
  99. Saturn no Tamshii Character Selector By tamashii
  100. sd- gundam By Will
  101. Sea of Chaos RPG selector By xeneth blacktalon
  102. Secret Midnight Diva Agents By azureluck
  103. Sector Of Mini Moose By Mini Moose
  104. see wat yu gi oh deul monster you are By shawn
  105. See which Hoenn Gym Leader you are By Kaguya
  106. Seed Test By Squall Lionheart
  107. Seek Me By caillen
  108. SEELE Agency´s Neon Genesis Evangelion Character Selector By Ikari Will
  109. Seimaden Characters Selector By Rhea
  110. Seiryuu Seishi By Jelli-chan
  111. Select-A-Deva By Grand Mad Deva Antiramon
  112. Selector de Anime! By Yami to Fujikiri
  113. Selector de nosotros mismos... By Midolf
  114. Selector de Personajes del Número 9 By Aya Mikage
  115. Selector de personajes Dragon Quest By Jesus A. Ponce B.
  116. Selector de tú bishounen By Yami to Fujikiri
  117. Seme or Uke? By soshika
  118. Senkaiden Houshin Engi Character By lorelay
  119. Senshi or Villain Personality Test By Sailor Guardian & Sailor ...
  120. Senshi Test...wooow By Katka
  121. Seraphim Call Character Resemblance By Umikio
  122. Seraphim Call selector By Anna Lien
  123. Serena vs.Rini By Rinimoon
  124. Serenatis By moonbunny
  125. Seriyu twin quiz By Estrella
  126. Serous Male Anime Character selector By Ryoga
  127. Setsuna Kutemo Characters ^.~. By Satori Mitsuno
  128. Seveys Marvelous FFVII selector By Severus
  129. Seyriyu senshi quiz By Estrella
  130. Shadows What Random Useless Item Are You Quiz By ShadowKat
  131. shaman king ,de qui etes vous le plus proche By piti opacho
  132. Shaman King Anime Selector By Two
  133. Shaman King Character Selector By Lance
  134. Shaman King Character Selector By MichaelR
  135. Shaman King Quiz By Laquisha
  136. Shaman King Test By Anna Tao
  137. Shaman King: Horo or Ren? By Mandii
  138. Shaman Teste By Skuld-chan
  139. Shamanic Princess By A Dust Particle
  140. Shamanic Princess Character Selector By Shtetl-chan
  141. Shampoos Bishonen Selector By Shampoo
  142. Shaos Characters By shao
  143. Shikalika and Emie By Shikalika
  144. Shikalika and Emie By Shikalika
  145. Shilohs Selector Thingy...Majigger.... By Shiloh
  146. Shin Chan Character Selector By Catherine Copping
  147. Shin Seiki Evangelion By Jay Maxwell
  148. Shining Sakura Star By CherryStar
  149. shinji`s evangelion role. By charles hopgood
  150. Shinma Character Selector By Kiyohime
  151. Shinseiki Evangelion character selector By Rei
  152. Shinzo/Mushrambo By Mushrambo
  153. Shiro Lucifer + Kuro Lucifers Private Hell By Uriel_no_Tenshi
  154. Shonen Jump Magna Selector By Sieryu44
  155. shoujo 4 u By gknight
  156. Shoujo Character Personality Selector By Rei Takeuchi
  157. Shoujo Kakumei Utena Selector By Bara-ri
  158. Shoujo Kakumei Utena Selector By Seisui
  159. Should you be Nagas new business partner? By Val
  160. shui strawberris ccs personality test By shui strawberri
  161. Siapakah karaktermu dalam Cardcaptor Sakura? By bakpaosentou
  162. Silence Senshi By Sairensa
  163. Silent Hill Selector By Silent Hill James Lunar G...
  164. Silent Mobius Selector By Silent Mobius2
  165. silent mobius selector By genosia maximillion
  166. sister princess best sister for you By zangulus
  167. Sister Princess Personality Test By Tasia & Acis
  168. SKATERS RULE! By Goth-Guy
  169. SKU Character Selector(male) By orangerose
  170. SkyFall Character Quiz By RekKa
  171. Skys Role-Play Character Match By Sky
  172. Slam Dunk Character Match By Jem
  173. Slam Dunk Compatibility Test By YUmi
  174. slam dunk survey By ookami
  175. slamdunkplayers By SD
  176. Slayers By Xelloss Metallium
  177. Slayers Anime Personality By Naga The Serphant
  178. Slayers char By XellosMizoku
  179. Slayers Character Couple Generator By kc-chan
  181. Slayers Character Selector By Yufflez
  182. Slayers Character Selector By Mazoku
  183. Slayers Character Selector By Baka!
  184. Slayers Character Selector By Evia
  185. Slayers characters By Stephanie Travellyr
  186. Slayers characters By SorceressLinaInverse
  187. Slayers Female selector By Luna Kitara
  188. Slayers Gang Personality Selector By Megumi Hunaki
  189. Slayers ID By zagadgita
  190. Slayers Indenity By ikyoto
  191. Slayers Matchmaker By SilverKat =^..^=
  192. Slayers Mazoku Selector By Xellas
  193. Slayers Mazoku Selector By Empress Faria
  194. Slayers Next Selector By GenkiKarma
  195. Slayers OAV character selector By Conu
  196. Slayers Personality Test By Daymon Eckel
  197. Slayers Personality Test By Dragonbane
  198. Slayers Personality Test By Chiko kokoro
  199. Slayers PersonalityTest By Jeanne
  200. Slayers quiz By Hotohori
  201. Slayers selector!!! By ~*Lina*~DraMata~*Inverse*...
  202. Slayers spell selector By Reanna King
  203. Slayers TV Series Character/Personality Quiz By Josh Watts
  204. Slayers Ultimate Personality Test By sletia
  205. Slayers: Dragons and Mazoku By Stephanie Travellyr
  206. SlayersVillain By Luna Inverse
  207. Slightly *cough* OOC Bishounen selector By dadachan
  208. Slightly *cough* OOC Bishounen Selector #2 By dadachan
  209. Slightly *cough* OOC Bishounen Selector Version 3.0 By dadachan
  210. Sluggy Identity By joseph
  211. smash128s fanfiction partner digimon selector By smash128
  212. So...which one are you? By Shadow Tara
  213. socks from mexico By osama bin laden
  214. Some peculiar Yu-Gi-Oh match-up quiz By wazup
  215. Sonic By jacob
  216. Sonic Adventure 1 and 2 By Shadow
  217. Sonic Adventure 2 Selector By TreyFalgout
  218. Sonic Adventure, Heroes, X By KnuxNtikal
  219. Sonic Character By pikastarr
  220. Sonic character selecter By hic
  221. Sonic character selector!!! DADADA By Naoko Asakura
  222. Sonic charater Selector MWhahahahaha By Tikal the panther
  223. Sonic Mega selector By Kat
  224. Sonic or Shadow By Tokechan
  225. Sonic the Hedgehog character selector By Dyl Man
  226. Sonic the Hedgehog personality selector. By Axl
  227. Sonic the hedghog By Brett Borley
  228. Sonic X Selector from, Get Into It! By Jason
  229. SonicSuzie By Lyra Moonshine
  230. Sorcerer Hunter Personality Selector By Air
  231. Sorcerer Hunters By Mao
  232. Sorcerer Hunters By Krylanna
  233. Sorcerous Stabber Orphen Selector By kitkat
  234. Sotsugyou M Main Character Selector By Neko4
  235. Soul Calibur Personality Compatibility By Cel
  236. Soulmates - Find your anime bishonen! By Star
  237. SoulTaker Character Selector By Maikeru
  238. Space Ghost Character selector By Tom Crowley
  239. Spawn Character Selector By Sedi
  240. Spectrum Character Selector By Rivvi Eve
  241. spidey characters By wee-man
  242. Spike & Julias Cowboy Bebop Selector By Spike & Julia
  243. Spike Character Test By Spike_and_Daison
  244. Spiral Suiri no Kizuna By unsanespiral54
  245. Spirress/Sirros personality quiz By Rairakku
  246. spoonoid By spoonoid
  247. Squigi kids By what_who_what_huh
  248. SSN / TSN Personality Test By Sage
  249. Star Ocean 2 Character Selector By Chris
  250. Star Ocean 2 Selector By Kentaro (PJJ)
  251. Star Ocean Character Quiz! By Mayuka-chan
  252. Star Ocean: The Second Story Character Personality Test By Dias Flac
  253. Star Power Character Quiz! By Europa
  254. Starlight Personality Quiz By Kousagi
  255. starter Pokemon By Nick P.
  256. Steel Angel Kurumi Character Selector By priss-chan
  257. Steel Angel Kurumi Selector By Sefurosu no Miko
  258. Strange Anime Character By Roxim
  259. Strange Dream Heart Boyfriend By Tara
  260. Strawberri Kiwis Personality Test By Strawberri Kiwi
  261. Street Fighter Alpha Character Selector By Sion Demon
  262. Street Fighter Character Selector By Zopharoth
  263. Street Fighter II Animated Movie Selector By Spoony Bard
  264. Street Fighter II V selector (with pics) By ChunLi
  265. Street Fighter Selector By Zorpheus
  266. Street Fighter Villain Personality Quiz By Kaze
  267. Street Magicians Selector. Street-magicians (c) Charlotte Engels By Charlotte
  268. String Cheese By ravenaza
  269. Subaru or Seishirou? By Mariko
  270. Sugar*Sweet - Original anime selector By Fuu Hikari
  271. Sugar*Sweet Character Selector By Hikari Fuu
  272. Suggest a name for this anime selector By Allen
  273. Suggest a name for this anime selector By Melissa Solley
  274. Suggest a name for this anime selector By Jeni
  275. Suggest a name for this anime selector By Lee Jenrya
  276. Suggest a name for this anime selector By Catherine Hiyami
  277. Suggest a name for this anime selector By karikamiya1000
  278. Suggest a name for this anime selector By Yinsey
  279. Suggest a name for this anime selector By Kishino
  280. Suggest a name for this anime selector By Gourry Gabriev
  281. Suggest a name for this anime selector By Amadeus
  282. Suggest a name for this anime selector By Toil
  283. Suggest a name for this anime selector By rhiannon
  284. Suggest a name for this anime selector By Hanmyo
  285. Suggest a name for this anime selector By c5f7t6
  286. Suggest a name for this anime selector By Rini
  287. Suggest a name for this anime selector By Liisu
  288. Suggest a name for this anime selector By Ryotachan
  289. Suggest a name for this anime selector By Small Lady Hotaru
  290. Suggest a name for this anime selector By Lynxie
  291. Suggest a name for this anime selector By Commisar P
  292. Suggest a name for this anime selector By Hirika
  293. Suggest a name for this anime selector By Shara Nameth
  294. Suggest a name for this anime selector By chibieudial
  295. Suggest a name for this anime selector By Black Lotus
  296. Suggest a name for this anime selector By megan
  297. Suggest a name for this anime selector By Lisa
  298. Suggest a name for this anime selector By Sir William Wallace
  299. Suggest a name for this anime selector By Kamoe
  300. Suggest a name for this anime selector By Lilith
  301. Suggest a name for this anime selector By Domino Ankoku
  302. Suggest a name for this anime selector By Aeris Strife
  303. Suggest a name for this anime selector By Kula Diamond
  304. Suggest a name for this anime selector By snghmstr
  305. Suggest a name for this anime selector By Veg
  306. Suggest a name for this anime selector By sierra roberts
  307. Suggest a name for this anime selector By belldandy
  308. Suggest a name for this anime selector By DBZ gurl
  309. Suggest a name for this anime selector By Solo Yuki
  310. Suggest a name for this anime selector By Ash - Chan
  311. Suggest a name for this anime selector By JESSICA ROUSH
  312. Suggest a name for this anime selector By SandyStar
  313. Suggest a name for this anime selector By Shinigami
  314. Suggest a name for this anime selector By Babie-ViVi
  315. Suggest a name for this anime selector By Boko
  316. Suggest a name for this anime selector By Hinata
  317. Suggest a name for this anime selector By cheesus christ
  318. Suggest a name for this anime selector By Night_Wing
  319. Suggest a name for this anime selector By Lightning_Count
  320. Suggest a name for this anime selector By Minako26
  321. Suggest a name for this anime selector By Anna-Tao
  322. Suggest a name for this anime selector By Blue
  323. Suggest a name for this anime selector By The poo
  324. Suggest a name for this anime selector By Christina fickinger
  325. Suggest a name for this anime selector By kakashi
  326. Suggest a name for this anime selector By John willben
  327. Suggest a name for this anime selector By Jill
  328. Suggest a name for this anime selector By Leann Tigra Piccolo
  329. Suggest a name for this anime selector By kaibas girl
  330. Suggest a name for this anime selector By rachiru
  331. Suggest a name for this anime selector By Skye
  332. Suggest a name for this anime selector By syao_kun
  333. Suggest a name for this anime selector By Ikari Will
  334. Suggest a name for this anime selector By Melianawe
  335. Suggest a name for this anime selector By Uozumi
  336. Suggest a name for this anime selector By Dark_Speeds
  337. Suggest a name for this anime selector By Lady Topaz
  338. Suggest a name for this anime selector By Sagoshi Harunari 666
  339. Suggest a name for this anime selector By Knives
  340. Suggest a name for this anime selector By Khalis
  341. Suggest a name for this anime selector By rosedragon
  342. Suggest a name for this anime selector By Yuki
  343. Suggest a name for this anime selector By
  344. Suggest a name for this anime selector By Sora
  345. Suggest a name for this anime selector By Zoe3
  346. Suggest a name for this anime selector By
  347. Suggest a name for this anime selector By luke
  348. Suggest a name for this anime selector By ceres angel
  349. Suggest a name for this anime selector By kagura-sama
  350. Suggest a name for this anime selector By Raenef Chan
  351. Suggest a name for this anime selector By Dweeby Darkmage Doll
  352. Suggest a name for this anime selector By Sasuke-kun
  353. Suggest a name for this anime selector By Ian Wards
  354. Suggest a name for this anime selector By anime master
  355. Suggest a name for this anime selector By anime master
  356. Suggest a name for this anime selector By Pyrefox
  357. Suggest a name for this anime selector By Pyrefox
  358. Suggest a name for this anime selector By Emily
  359. Suggest a name for this anime selector By Monkey_D_Danny
  360. Suikoden 2 Stars of Destiny Selector By Human Typhoon
  361. Suikoden 3 Selector By Starslasher
  362. Suikoden Highland Character Selector By Der Kreugan
  363. Suikoden II Character Selector By Khisanth
  364. Suikoden II/Gaiden Male (limited) Character Selector By Ultema
  365. Suikoden III Selector By Chris Lightfellow
  366. Suki. Dakara Suki. Character Selector By Yanagi
  367. Summoners Personality test By Ladyceres
  368. Summons By freestyleskiing2424
  369. SunDowner Manga Quiz By kellilla
  370. Super Mario Character Selector By equarius
  371. Super Mario RPG Character Selector! By Prism
  372. Super Power Selector By Kinko
  373. super sayin or not By sayinworld420
  374. Super Smash Bros. Melee Selecter By Eric
  375. Sushi Test...what sushi are ya? By Hurumi
  376. Suzaku seishi quiz:which FY character best matches you? By Tasuki_ Ruby
  377. Suzaku senshi quiz By Estrella
  378. Suzaku Seven Character By Junebug
  379. Swchwartz R Us By Kei Kage
  380. Syndicate Comparison Test By rurouni_ryu
  381. Taiki Obsession By ZaraJade
  382. Tales of Phantasia personality test By Klarth
  383. Tales of the One guy or girl By Dela8712
  384. Tamer Test By Digi Tamer the Hedgie
  385. Tamers Selector-Whos Your Best Match? By rukiruki
  386. Taotus "Which Ranma character are you?" By Taotu
  387. Target! Character Selector By Shady
  388. Tashys Glay Member Selector By Tashy Tonomura
  389. TCOTSF quiz! By xInfritsxLennex
  390. Team Rocket Member Selector By LadyMyotismon767
  391. Team Rockets Twerp Selector! By Rocketdan#1
  392. Teen Titans By Alex
  393. teen titans By mo
  394. Teen Titans Personality Test By Raive Kitara
  395. Teen Titans Selector By Raven Martinez
  396. Teen titans tv show quiz!! By Fiona
  397. Teenage Mutent Ninja Turtles caracter selecter By gun
  399. Tekken 4 Character Selector By piccolokid
  400. Tekken Character Selector By Seraph Illusion
  401. Tekken Personality Compatibility By Cel
  402. Telephone Icecream Kyaaaara Selector ^o^ By Mew!
  403. Tenchi Cast! By Washu-chan
  404. Tenchi character quiz By Helios
  405. Tenchi Character selector By Ryoko-chan
  406. Tenchi Muyo By Rika
  407. Tenchi Muyo Character selector By Ben
  408. Tenchi Muyo Personality Test By ami
  409. Tenchi Muyo Selector By Faye Valentine
  410. tenchi muyo selector By prettysami
  411. Tenchi Muyo! By Haruko
  412. Tenchi Muyo! Character Selector By Kikaboka
  413. Tenchi Muyo! Character Selector By Ryoko-Chan
  414. Tenchi Muyo! Chat By Alexia Torin
  415. Tenchi Muyo! Girl Character Selector By LilWashu
  416. Tenchi Muyo! quiz By Hotohori
  417. Tenchi Personality Test By Trauzer
  418. Tenchi Poll By caitydidus
  419. Tenchi Selector By Chibi-Ryoko
  420. Tenchi Selector By I is who I be
  421. Tenchi Universe Character Selector By AngelAimee
  422. Tenchi Universe selector By Camikyra
  423. tenjho tenge By spencer
  424. Tenshi Ni Narumon Character Selector By Mary Cordner
  425. Tenshi ni Narumon Personality Quiz! By Charon
  426. Test which Inu Yasha character you are!! By aviva
  427. Teste de Personalidada de Sailor Moon By Ju Carter
  428. Testing... By Liminality
  429. Tetraa: The Legend chatacter selector By Kerri Grogan
  430. Tetsusaiga1: Which Inuyasha Character Are You? By Tenseiga15
  431. TFTP Character Selector By syao-chan
  432. TGS (The Gaia Suffix) Selector By ayarichan
  433. That OTHER Bubblegum Crisis Tokyo 2040 Selector By Galaxy Girl
  434. The "what -cosplay-girl-am-I-cause-I-am-a-kiss-up" Test By Yeat3333333
  435. The 9 Alignments By Jake McVey
  436. The Ah! My Goddess Character Selector By Hannah Emmalyne
  437. The Akira Character Selector By Akira
  438. The Angel Bird selector! By WhiteFlame
  439. The Anime and gamers alley Member quiz By Chop sticx
  440. The Anime Best For You By Chibi Android 18
  441. The Anime Cel Collector Type Test By celfun
  442. The anime dating game-For girls only! By Vallisha
  443. The Anime DEx By AnimeDex
  444. The Anime For You!! By Anime No Otaku
  445. The anime guy for you? (RK and Yu Yu) By Zanza
  446. The Anime Lofts DBZ Quiz By VvCeruleanBluvV
  447. The anime man for you! ^_^ By Ash
  448. The anime perfect for *you* By Yuna
  449. The Anime Pimpsona Test By Darrius Kain
  450. The Anime Selector: Which Anime Bring You Best Joyful? By Belarius
  451. The AoI Personality Quiz By Sae
  452. The Arc Character Selector - Who are you most like? By Eldrick Tobin
  453. The A-Squad Character Selector By TendoAkane
  454. The awsome GundamWing Quiz By anime_prince
  455. The Ayashi No Ceres Personality Quiz By Hikari Shadokijo
  456. The Azumanga Daioh Character Selector By Jazzeh
  457. The Azumanga Daiou Selector By Yukatado
  458. The Banana Fish Personality Selector By Uozumi
  459. The Beginning Of The End Chosen Ones By sidra-sama
  460. The best Cowboy Bebop selecter By Miroku
  461. The best Damn Inu-Yasha Character Selector By Mousse-Chan
  462. The Best Female Match for you By Skyla Metallium
  463. The Best Inuyasha Selecter By Miroku
  464. The Best Male for You By Skyla Metallium
  465. The Best Naruto Char Selector! By Shikamaru
  466. The Best Trigun Character Selector Ever By cad ruck
  467. The best Yu Yu Hakusho selecter By Miroku
  468. The best Yu-gi-oh personality test out there!! By Doomgaze
  469. The Better Beyblade Character Selector By MaryJane
  470. The better way to determine which Harry Potter Character you are! By C.L. Smet
  471. The Beyblade character quiz By Ray Creace
  472. The BIG-O Character Selector~! By Thomas Stearns
  473. The Bishojo Senshi Sailormoon Dark Personality Test! By Yanokage Arashi
  474. The Bishonen For You! By Stephy
  475. The Bishounen Selector By Lizzy
  476. The Bitter Tears Personality Quiz By Reiji Takeshi
  477. the Bouncer By Arista
  478. The Bubblegum Crisis Tokyo 2040 Knight Saber Selector By Kyoko Kobayashi
  479. The Bust a Groove 2 Character Selector! By Pixy Teri
  480. The Captain Tsubasa Japanese Player Selector By Miss Rain
  481. The Castlevania Hero Selector By Lumiale no Miko
  482. The Chao Test By HeroChao
  483. The chaotic church of madolins selector thing the tells you if you are chaotic or not By Madolin
  484. The Character Alignment Test By CariCat >^-^<
  485. The Chrono Cross Cute Critter Selector By Thentavius
  486. The Chrono Cross Male Character Selector By Thentavius
  487. The Chrono Trigger Selector! By Ryan
  488. The CLAMP Male Characters Matchmaker By Val
  489. THE CLIQUE SELECTOR By Matty Sinome/ Rajji/ LIN/...
  490. The Color Personality Selector. (Manga Style) By lumini
  491. The coolest Yu Yu Hakusho quiz EVER!!!! By Aubrey-chan
  492. The Cowboy Bebop Ideal Mate Selector By TianNing
  493. The Dark Circle Test By Joshua
  494. The Dark Masters Character Test By PoQ
  495. The Darker Side™ Character Selector By Callisto Dementia
  496. The Darned Dragonball Android Selector Thing By Miss Tim
  497. The DBZ Bad Guy Selector By Robert Silvers
  498. The DBZ Character Selector By zerobonzaizerobonzaizerbo...
  499. The Dead or Alive 3 Selector By Amelia Lynn Connery
  500. The Dejimon Bishounen For You By SkittleSama
  501. The Di Gi Charat Fantasy Selector By Chocola_Charat
  502. The Digimon For You! By Gracie
  503. The Dragon Quiz For Future Tamers By Majutsu-Suiren And Majuts...
  504. The Dragonball Ryu Test By Sasoriza
  505. The Dragonball Z Character Selector By Phrosty
  506. The Dragonball Z Personality test By Lethargic
  507. The Dragonball Z Personality test By Lethargic
  508. The Dragonball Z Selector By Joey Wheeler
  509. The DragonBall Z/GT Character best suited for you By Chibi Android 18
  510. The DragonBall/S/BH/SSK Personality Selector By Naokosama
  511. The Dreamer Realm Character selector part 2! By Raniko
  512. The Elf Princess Raine Selector! ^_^ By Emi no Baka
  513. The Enchanting Shoyrus By b1c2
  514. The Evangelion Angel test By Ein and Ed
  515. The Excel Saga Character Selector! By The Bunny
  516. The Final Fantasy VII Male Character Selector! By Thentavius
  517. The Fine Colorday Gundam Wing Personality Quiz By Ayari Sakimoto
  518. The Fine Colorday Weiß Kreuz Quiz By Ayari Sakimoto
  519. The First Gundam Character Selector By Cecily
  520. the Gavivi project By Blank
  521. The G-boy For You By AnimeGurl
  522. The God Land Bishoujo Selector By Rae-chan
  523. The God Land Bishounen Selector By Rae-chan
  524. The Golden Light By Sailor Rei-chan
  525. The Great Ones character selector By Beth
  526. The Great Ranma 1/2 CHARACTER TEST!!!!!!!! By Maia-chan
  527. The GREAT Shaman King selector! By Naoko Asakura
  528. The Great Tenchi Muyo Character Selector By Sarami Yakniko
  529. The Greatest Cowboy Bebop Selector By Claude Kenni
  530. The Greatest Dragon Ball Z Selector 2002 By Tessy
  531. The Gundam Wing Female Character Selector By Miyuki
  532. The Gundam Wing Girls Selector By Ang
  533. The Gundam Wing Pilots Test By Ang
  534. The Gundam X Character Selector By Miyuki
  535. The Gundream Quiz By snowxgirl
  536. The Hamtaro Selector By Tiger Jam & GIrl CAPPY
  537. The Haunted Junction Lover Selector By Black Hanten
  538. The Haunted Junction Personality Selector! By Mina-chan
  539. The Heds Character Selector By Ded-hed
  540. The Hot Shot Quizz By Tashayarna
  541. The Hotohori Worship Excuses Selector By Suzu
  542. THE Houshin Engi Character Selector! By Exeriel
  543. The Houshin Project By dark metallium
  544. The Ideal RPG For You! By Happycat
  545. The Inner DBZ By unknown person
  546. the inu-yasha quiz By chinchin
  547. The KaMiKaZe - character selector By Yoru
  548. The Lackies Test By Dragon Master Nall
  549. The Last Illusion Character Quiz By Shonen Samurai
  550. The Legacy of Dincaryia Character Test By Sierra Omega
  551. The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time By PoD
  552. The Love Hina Character Selector! By Yukarai Darkstar
  553. The Magic Knight Rayearth Character Selector! By cuddles!
  554. The Magic Knight Rayearth Personalities By FuuSaria
  555. The Masks Character Selector By Storm Dragonwolf
  556. The Mew Mew/Magic Performer quiz By Ichiro Tachikawa
  557. Prince of Tennis By PofT
  558. The Naruto Character Selector! By Cadet
  559. The Neopets Faerie Test By AnimeFan
  560. The New Adventures in Malacanang Character Selector By Heather-Anne Speer
  561. The NEW Eemag Character Test By Kirbz
  562. The newer NGA quiz By Juli
  563. The not so normal Hellsing Character Selecter By glassfeatherz
  564. The Now And Then, Here And There couple selector! By Rollchan
  565. The official what is a dooky character selector By dooky
  566. The Official Yu-Gi-Oh! Personality Quiz By Seto Kaiba
  567. The only Megas XLR quiz!!! By blueturtle
  568. The OP Pirate Crew Test By buffalo81
  569. THe Otaku Sorting test By Ryukumon
  570. The Otaku-o-meter! By Psycho Sisters
  571. The ParaPara Allstars selector! By neptune
  572. The Perfect Anime For You By Ryo-chibi
  573. The perfect anime for you! By Yuna
  574. The Perfect Anime Guy for you By Kasai Nightfire
  575. The Perfect Anime Man Selector By AnimeGurl
  576. the perfect bishie for you! By nataku7732
  577. The Perfect Bishonen By AngelTabris
  578. The PERFECT GUIDE to finding anime.... By Ralizah_56
  579. The Pikachu Test By Almighty Kwack
  580. The Pink Haired Guitarist Quiz By Jess
  581. The Pink Milk & Munchies Drawing Board Character Selector~ ~^__^ By Pixy Teri
  582. The Pokemopolis Whosit By Brandon
  583. The Ranma 1/2 Character Selector By Elia Juarez
  584. The Real Right Bishi For U! By Kchan
  585. The REAL Shonen Jump chracter Quiz By Shonen Guy
  586. The Red/Blue Starter Pokémon for YOU! By OoOoAnime GurlOoOo
  587. The Retarded Random Anime and Video game quiz..X.x By Nitro
  588. The RISK member selector By Amy chan
  589. The Rocky Horror Picture Selector By xariusx
  590. The RP Character Selector By LATCH
  591. The Sailor Scout Quiz By Kat
  592. The Season 1 Digimon Chooser By Izzyizumi IX
  593. The Seven Knights of Leafe By Suniko Sanada
  594. The Shinzo Test (who are you?) By Tenchi
  595. The Slam Dunk Match Make By Jan
  596. The Slayers Character Selector By The Alien In Your Sock Dr...
  597. The Slayers Personality Test By Merle
  598. The SNSH Character Test By Zaal
  599. The Sonic Character Selector By Sadic the Hedgehog
  600. The Spirited Away Personality Quiz By Amanda Taylor
  601. The Star Chasers Personality Quiz By Al
  602. The Suikoden Two Character Selector By Ayari Sakimoto
  603. The Supaa Snazzy Knight Saber Selector! By amie
  604. The Tekken Selector By DragonMistral
  605. The Tenchi Gang! By J-chan
  606. The test of Trigun By Vash The Stampede
  607. The third season of digimon Character, personality selector By Takato Matsuki
  608. The Three Lights Matchmaker By leilanikou
  609. The Toki No Kôsen Personnality Test By Karunake
  610. The Trigun Compatible Quiz By GWcharacters
  611. The True FF7 Character Selector! By Kaworu The 17th Angel
  612. The TSSE Quiz - which WAC member are you most like? By Chris Comstock
  613. The UC Gundam Hero Selector By WanderingShinigami
  614. The Ultimate Bishonen Selector By Anifi, Ramika & Mistie
  615. The Ultimate Card Captor Sakura Character Selector By Sakura
  616. The Ultimate Cowboy Bebop Selector :) By The Antichrist
  617. The Ultimate DBZ Selector By Horizon_X
  619. The Ultimate Kaiken Phrase Compatibilty By Yukari & Ayari
  621. The Ultimate Outlaw Star Quiz By OLS Girl
  623. The Ultimate Reboot Character Selector By Chelena Jurrah
  624. The Ultimate Sailor Scout Personality Quiz By christynz2001
  625. The Ultimate Sorcerer Hunters Selector By Hino Tenshi
  626. the ultimate test that will change your life By Ahmed Khaled
  627. The Ultimate Yu Yu Hakusho Selector By Imari
  628. The Ultra Ghetto Fushigi Yuugi Test! By Billdo-N-Beavahausen
  629. The unrespected Humans By Krillin the stopable
  630. The Vision of Escaflowne tester By Missing White Wings
  631. The Warriors Heaven By Firestorm
  632. The Wonderfully Magnificient Dragon of X (X/1999) Matchmaker By Uozumi
  633. The X Character Personality Test By Dabid!
  634. The X Love Quiz By twichan
  635. The Yu-gi-oh character/monster seletor By Maximillian Pegasus
  636. The Yu-Gi-Oh Guy For You By Anime-Babe
  637. The Yu-Gi-Oh monster card 4 u test By Yami Frunks
  638. The Yu-Gi-Oh Monster Selector By Yami Yugi
  639. The YYH Personality Selecter By Jaganshi Hiei
  640. The Zeta Project By Lil Insectikette
  641. The-Best-Anime-Character By JetoKiaba
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