The Big List Of Anime Selectors
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  1. Mabrical Vox By Kailei
  2. Magi Nation Region By Cooldilo
  3. Magic Knight Rayearth By Fuu Houjoji
  4. Magic Knight Rayearth Chara (which r u?) By Kaze_no_Kage
  5. Magic Knight Rayearth Character By Christina
  6. Magic Knight Rayearth character selector By Tasuki_no_Miko
  7. Magic Knight Rayearth Character Selector By Momo-chan 2002
  8. Magic Knight Rayearth Character Youre Most Like By Kharinya
  9. Magic Knight Rayearth Ideal Match By MahouJamie
  10. Magic Knight Rayearth Selector By Mokona
  11. Magic Knight Rayearth: Who are you most like? By Dark Hikaru
  12. Magic Knight Selector By Umi Ryuuzaki
  13. Magic knights Rayearth By Jessica Wilson
  14. Magic Knights Rayearth Personality Selector By Monou Kotori
  15. Magic Users Club Character Selector By Callistocharon
  16. MAgic Users Club--BEtter!!! By CelticChick
  17. Magical Doremi By Magical Doremi
  18. Magical Girl Pretty Sammy By SailorUsagi
  19. Magical Girl Selector By Bekuka-chan
  20. Magical Pokemon Journey Selector By Ketsuban
  21. Maho Tsukai Tai! Personality By K-tan
  22. Maho-do witch shop! By Natasha
  23. Mahou Tsukai Tai! Selector By Chas Tsukishiro
  24. Main characters from Imadoki ! by Watase By Antigone
  25. Main Goodies By Micha
  26. Maison Ikkoku By janko
  27. Maison Ikkoku Character Selector By Kitsuchan
  28. Maison Ikkoku Character Selector By Dappya
  29. Majs RPG character chooser doohicky By Majjera
  30. Male Match Maker By Skyla Metallium
  31. Male Personality Test By Skyla Metallium
  32. Male Website Hostettes selector By Gothic Huntress
  33. Mamoru Watashi Character Selector By Sasaki Shiori
  34. Manga By Midoriko
  35. Manga Artists By AngelBunny
  36. Manga or Comics By Coolio Chris
  37. Manga/Anime Selector By Zhanios
  38. manila_nights member selector By magnetic_rose
  39. Mardan 2 (what Ruroni Kenshin character are you?) By Starmar
  40. Mario and Luigis Test By Luigi
  41. Mario Character Selector By FlipTroopa
  42. Marionettes Orriginal Character Match By Marionette
  43. Marmade Boy Character Selector By Chibi_neko_fae
  44. Marmalade Boy Character Selector By Maki
  45. Marmalade Boy Character Selector By sher-bear
  46. Marmalade Boy Character youre most like... By Suzaku318
  47. Marmalade boy quiz By Kaoru Himura
  48. Marmalade Boy Selector By MikiYuu
  49. Marmalade Boy Selector By eggs_are_tasty
  50. Marmalade Boy Selector! <3 By BubbaJIZZ
  51. marmalade boy test By ellese-chan
  52. MARS character selector By Nekura Kougyku
  53. Martian Successor Nadesico Character Selector By i-am-a-moogle
  54. Martian Successor Nadesico selector By FuuH
  55. Martian Successor Nadesico Selector By The Black Hand
  56. Martian Successor Nadesico SELECTOR! By rurirurifuuh
  57. Masayume By Namida
  58. Master of Mosquiton Character Selector By Zaal
  59. Match up your Anime Rival By Trunks
  60. Matchmaker for the Females By Skyla Metallium
  61. matts buds, who r u? By trugeta flamer
  62. MAZE Character Selecter By Taitofan
  63. Maze Character Selector By InuYasha111
  64. Mazoku, Ryuzoku, or other? By Shineko
  65. MEASURE UR OEAA (ECHHI) LEVELS (Spanish language) By Zero
  66. Mech Selector By Jason Miller
  67. Mecha Robot Selector By Anavel Gato.
  68. Mech-Madness By Cross-Kaiser
  69. Medabots Character selector By Space Medafighter C
  70. Mega Tokyo Character Quiz By Luas Maru
  71. Megaman 2 Robot Masters Quiz By Nitro
  72. Megami Kouhosei Character Selector By DirewolfX
  73. Megami Paradise By Susia
  74. Megami-sama Battles! By Sarafu-chan
  75. megatokyo characters By Miro
  76. MegaTokyo selector...Who 4r3 joo By 7bladeJamez
  77. Meitantei Conan - Character Test By Jessie & Pikka
  78. Meitantei Conan Character Selector By Natsuko
  79. Mellinium Item Search By Kaiba106
  80. Melodys Sailor Moon Senshi Selector!!! By TwilightTsunami
  81. Metal Fighter Miku By Sayaka
  82. Mikä di gi charat oot? By SaNi
  83. mini Captain Tylor Character Quiz By Tylor
  84. Minui Character Match By Kimiki
  85. Minui Matchmaker By Kimiki
  86. Miracle Girls Character Selector By Andrea Telenko
  87. Miracle Girls Character Selector By RubyPhoenixDust
  88. Misc. Anime Selector(Guys) By DarkAngel7665
  89. MISOCATHLUSH Character Selector A new online anime By CatoMagumo
  90. Miyazaki Anime Heroines By brettie smiles
  91. Miyus Strawberry sunday character quiz By Miyu Konno
  92. MMX Character Quize By maverickhunterp
  93. Mnemosyne Chronicles By Merei
  94. Mobile Suit Selection test By NeoZealot
  95. mobile suit selector By chivien gato
  96. Mobile Suits By Casval Rem Deikun
  97. Mode Ryuu Character Selector By Tiamat
  98. Mononoke Hime Personality Test By Xania Solara
  99. Mononoke Hime Selector By J. Prower
  100. Moon-chans Original Characters Selector By moonglider
  101. Morrowind Race Selector By Lakai Miyonashi
  102. Most Compatable Celestia Character By Ashley-sama
  103. Mount Poazu DBZ Good Guy Selector By Devlin
  104. Multiple Anime/Game character selector By Starwind
  105. My Charachters By Colin
  106. My Crazy Anime Man Selector! By Mere
  107. My Fancharacters By Adri
  108. My Friends By Andrea
  109. My Funny Cowboy Bebop Selector! By Edward Wong Hau Pepelu Ti...
  110. My Rune Soldier Selector By Mr.Purr Purr
  111. My Rurouni Kenshin Quiz Thingamabob By Jake McVey
  112. My Site By kenneth shearer
  113. Mysterious Play By Jody
  114. Nadesico Character Quiz By Ayshetral
  115. Nadesico Character Selector By AngelCali
  116. Nadesico Character Selector Bravo Delta Gamma Gamma IV By Haiteku_koneko
  117. nadesico dates for men By razile
  118. Nadesico Personality Selector By tenkawa_ruri
  119. Nakono Mahou Character Selector By Chibi
  120. Nani Inuyasha Shounen/Shoujo Desu Anata?(Which Inuyasha Boy/Girl Are You?) By YashaGirl016
  121. Naruto By silence_of_dawn
  122. naruto By abdar
  123. Naruto By ShadowBuster
  124. Naruto By Shilayuki
  125. Naruto carachter personality quiz By otonashii
  126. Naruto Character By chiki
  127. Naruto Character Personality Test By ChaosEmerald
  128. Naruto Character Quiz By Silver
  129. Naruto character selector By dark_ninja
  130. Naruto Character Selector By Asakura Yoh
  131. Naruto Character Selector By Eric Mills
  132. Naruto character selector By Kiko
  133. Naruto Character/Fighter selector By Da masta of da skies
  134. Naruto Characters Selector By Hana Uchiwa
  135. Naruto german charakter test By Kaito
  136. NARUTO Ninja Characters Selector By Mind_connetX
  137. Naruto personality Quiz By Nanashi
  138. naruto personality quiz-genin selector By clement
  139. Naruto Personality Test By konohadango
  140. naruto personality test By lugiarticuno
  141. Naruto selector By Zack Glassman
  142. naruto selector 2000 (no banners, sorry) By zudo
  143. Naruto Who are you quiz By FusionX
  144. Naruto Yaoi Quiz By Mimi
  145. Naruto, Sasuke, Sakura, Neji, Rock Lee, Gaara, Shikamaru? By yoyoyodude
  146. Naruto~ By anita_**
  147. Naty Shens DBZ Quiz By Naty-Shen
  148. Necrotastical fasmastical fun time for the entire family!!!! HooHA! By Vanessie,The Fab Car-Jump...
  149. Negima character selector By driht
  150. Negima Character Exame By Buster
  151. Neké Character Test By ToxicShroom
  152. Nendaiki no Jikan Bishies By Neyla
  153. Neo Sporin character selector By Deven Motomiya
  154. Neo Gundam Wing By ChibiChibi-chan
  155. Neo Sailor Scouts Personality Qiuz By cathrin
  156. Neo Senshi Matchup By Jessica
  157. Neon Genesis Evangelion By Seraphi
  158. Neon Genesis Evangelion - "Personality" test By Lilith Ayanami
  159. Neon Genesis Evangelion Character Selector By Kayla
  160. Neon Genesis Evangelion Children Selector By Nariko
  161. Neon Genesis Evangelion knowleadge test By RaBBo
  162. Neon Genesis Evangelion quiz By Hotohori
  163. Neon Genesis Evangelion Selector Chicas ^^ (Español) By Asuka Strikes!
  164. New Generation Of Gundam Kids Personalities By B-sama
  165. Newtype Test By JBWing0
  166. NFY Character Selector By John Evans
  167. Nick Izumis 3x3 Eyes personallity Selector By Nick Izumi
  168. Nick Izumis Gundam Seed Destiny Selector By Nick Izumi
  169. Nicoles Pokemon By Nicole
  170. night walker selector By Zamura
  171. Nightwalker Character Test By Danii
  172. NightWalker Personality Test: Who are you most like? By Loki
  173. Nile Kidos Fan Fic Characters By Nile Kido
  174. Nina Scroll By Oneiros
  175. No Need For A Personality Test! By Rachel
  176. Noir Character By Tiffany Star Collins
  177. Nosce te Ipsum-ness... By Pooka Neko
  178. November Rain character personality selector. By Axl
  179. Nuki to the rescue By Nuki
  180. Nye Character Chooser By Michan
  181. o.0 By jacqueline
  182. o_o *doesnt want to think of a title* By Koko
  183. Obelisks Yu-Gi-Oh Personality Test By God Of Obelisk
  184. Oh My Goddess! Test By Spiffy Iffy
  185. Oh! My Goddess Personality Selector By belldandy
  186. Oh! My Goddess Personality test By Joey Balash
  187. OIBM Character Selector By Spryng
  188. Oishii Character Selector By dita
  190. Ojamajo Doremi! By Ojamajo Aubrey!
  191. Ok, do u wanna know which type of anime character you are? By Gliowien
  192. Omegas Yu-Gi-Oh character questionare By TrueGamerOmega
  193. One Piece Character Quiz By Zeruel
  194. One Piece Character Selector By jetgrind74
  195. One Piece Character Selector By Dr. Watari
  196. One piece Character test By Lokisash/campino
  197. One piece crew personality test By taylugiarticuno
  198. One Piece main Character Selector By Rinkun
  199. One Piece Pirate selector By amidamaru_sama
  200. One Piece Villain Test By Zeruel
  201. One Year War Mobile Suit Selector By Matt Delcalzo
  202. onegai teacher. Who could you be? By Sephiroth
  203. Oniisama E... Character By Narumi
  204. Onna-Kagetai Character Resemblance Test By Mia-chan
  205. Open the door for your Mystery Date....Adult Swim Style By Ichiban Saiya-jin
  206. Orange Road Character Selector By Daric Jackson
  207. Ore wa Omocha ( Random Fan Manga ) By Mike Stephens
  208. Original Anime Character Selector By KayneTheron
  209. Original Bishounen selector By Ikuno
  210. Original character personality test By DarthGollum
  211. Original charecter selector By Mel*chan
  212. Original Story "Brothers" Personality Quiz By Jemisard
  213. Orphen Character selector By Dani
  214. Orphen Character Selector By Kojika
  215. Otaku or Funimation Robot? By Sayajin
  216. Otaku Personalities By Shyguy
  217. Our Anime! Life, Stlye, Fashion, Totally! By Lenore Tong
  218. Our Character Selector By gingahide
  219. Ouran Character Selector By kaorurox
  220. Outer Senshi Personality Quiz By Saria-san
  221. Outlaw Star By SOADglowgirl
  222. Outlaw Star By The Dark One
  223. Outlaw Star Character By SailorMJBR
  224. Outlaw Star Character Selector By Ayako Tachikawa
  225. Outlaw Star Character Selector By Suzuka
  226. Outlaw Star quiz By Hotohori
  227. Outlaw Star Selector MUST SELECT! By Parallel The Dead
  228. Overall Anime Character Selector By Maiku Mitsurugi
  229. Oversoul Selector By Arashi (aka Bubbles)
  230. Ozzy & Drix Character Selector By Epona
  231. Paradise Kiss By Hitochuro
  232. Paradise Kiss Character Selector By Jamie
  233. Paradise Kiss Matches By Miyoko and Hinote
  234. Parasite Dolls By Jasper
  235. Peacemaker Kurogane Selector By Kaori Akayama
  236. Peach girl By PeachGirl
  237. Peach Girl By Momo
  238. Peach Girl Character Selector By Hannah*Emmalyne
  239. Peach Girl Personality Test By Stephanie
  240. PeachGirl Character Selector By kmk
  241. Pearls of Lutra Selector By The One
  242. PearlWind Character Selector By Arashi
  243. Pennyen By Hana
  244. Penumbra Character Selector By Sarah
  245. Perfect Bishonen For You! By Thalia
  246. Perfect Blue personality detector By Psycho Sisters
  247. Perfect DBZ guy. By Faryn
  248. Perfect One By TG4manfolife
  249. Persona 2: Eternal Punishment By Makkey Amano
  250. Persona 2: Eternal Punishment/Innocent Sin Character Selector By Fuchi
  251. Persona: Eternal Punishment By Jyun & Eikichi
  252. Personajes Gundam Wing By Nokretmiz
  253. PErsOnaliDad DE "UNas VaCACioneS diFerENteS" By KiNoPI-kLaN
  254. Personalidad de Rayearth By
  255. Personalidade By Naru
  256. Personality Quiz By ~*Sunrose*~
  257. Personality quiz for....Soskanomi ( I made it up ^_^) By Megan
  258. Personality test By Tolk
  259. Personality Test By Firefly
  260. PetShop of Horrors Character Selector By Val
  261. PetShop of Horrors Pet Selector By Val
  262. Phantasy Star character By Yume
  263. Phoenix Star X Character Selector By Dark_Blade_Kurama
  264. Phoenix Star X Character Test By Dark-Blade-Hiei
  265. Pick Your Pokemon! By Trace
  266. Pickleton Online Character Selector By Jessica Prather
  267. pilot candidate selector By ryoko mitsurugi
  268. Pita-Ten Character Selector By Cashew
  269. Planet Zi By Justin
  270. Pocket Bishonen By KCmonson
  271. Pocket Monster character By Gwen
  272. PokeballZ character selector By Yarra91
  273. Poke-Mania By Squigs and "Q"
  274. Pokemon #142-#251 character selector By Black_Koumori_Dragon
  275. Pokemon & Yugioh Character Selector By Domino
  276. pokemon adventure By SilVeRmOoNlIgHt
  277. Pokemon Character By Marduk42
  278. Pokemon Character personality quiz By Natty K
  279. Pokemon Character Selector By CsChococat
  280. Pokemon character selector By Hotohori
  281. Pokémon Character Selector By Android18
  282. Pokemon Character Selector 2 By Minachu
  283. Pokemon charactor By Adrianne
  284. Pokemon Charactor Selector By Aku Jen
  285. Pokemon Eevee Character By KAT
  286. Pokemon Girl / Boy Selector By McWizardX
  287. Pokemon Matcher By ShuriTogemon
  288. Pokemon Matcher: Kanto Addition By ShuriTogemon
  289. Pokemon or Digimon, both, none or should you like it? By Ultima_64
  290. Pokemon Personality Selector By Bekuka-chan
  291. Pokemon Selector By Yuki
  292. Pokemon selector By Paras
  293. Pokemon selector By Kiyra
  294. Pokemon selector.What kind of pokemon starter,and other are you By katila
  295. Pokémon Type Selector By Pyrefox
  296. Pokemon, which character are you like? By Deano
  297. pokequiz By HerrKWA
  298. pokequiz By Daniel Oda
  299. Poket monsters(Pokemon) all 387 By omarfr
  300. Pons Anime Character Test By Pon Telon
  301. power level By dbz power level
  302. Power Stone Personality Selector By Geomancer Kate
  303. Practice Dummy By Millenia
  304. Pretear Character Selector By AkaiNeko
  305. Pretear Personality Selector By Boogiepop Phantom 3964
  306. Pretear Soulmate Selector By Twilight_Guardian
  307. Prince of Tennis (-0 Hyoutei type) By kyohnkichi
  308. Prince of tennis character By printscreen
  309. Princess Mononoke character By krimsonangel
  310. Princess Mononoke Character Selector By Tigerlily
  311. Princess Mononoke Character Selector By tigerlily909
  312. Princess Mononoke Character Selector By Penelope
  313. Princess Nine Character selector By Izumi
  314. Princess Prodigy Selector By Joanna-chan
  315. Project .hack Character Selector By Katana
  316. Project A-ko Character Selector By vsdefender
  317. Project ARMS Manga Selector By Senno Knife
  318. Project M.I.S.T. Shoujo Personality Test By Souzou Ketsuna
  319. Psychedelia Character Selector By Beth
  320. Psynergy Level Tester By Meo Rocket
  321. Puppet Princess Character Quiz By Sammi
  322. Purple -n- Pinks Lil Slayers Quiz By Kiavie Willowroot
  323. Puyo pop fever finder! By nibbler234
  324. Qual personagem da Mai vc é? By Mai Saito
  325. Qual personagem de Angelic Layer você é? By Sa-chan
  326. Qual personagem de FF a gangue você é? By Carolina G. da FF
  327. Qual série Clamp tem mais a ver com você? By Dhan
  328. Qual seu tipo de bishonen? By Naylee-chan
  329. que personaje de yu yu hakusho eres tu By carlos
  330. Qué Domain Collective eres tú? By DiGiBLaSt
  331. Que membro da família Maxwell você é? By Saty
  332. Que Membro do Yac você é? By yac
  333. Que personagem da Mai vc é? By Mai Saito
  334. Que personagem de Sakura Card Captors é você? By Lívia Aikizuki
  335. Que personagem de Shaman King voce se identifica mais? By asakura
  336. Que personagem de X você seria? By Dhan
  337. Que personagem do Rurouni Kenshin você se parece? By Sarah Parks / Misao Makim...
  338. Qué personaje de Candy eres? By Lady Candy
  339. que personaje de inuyasha eres tu? By naraku
  340. Que personaje de relleno eres? By Murkrow
  341. que personaje de saint seiya eres¡? By shiryu
  342. Que personaje de Shaman King eres? By Pilika
  343. Qué personaje de X eres? By Kurenai [Tragedy of M]
  344. Qué personaje episódico de animé eres? (Spanish) By Midolf
  345. Que pokemon del tipo veneno eres? By Murkrow
  346. Qué tan fresa eres? By Lynee Chiba
  347. Que tipo de otaku eres? By Lynee Chiba
  348. Queen Jessies Boyfriend Quiz By inu-chan
  349. Queen of Clubs G- Gundam selector By Alicia Maxwell W.- Queen ...
  350. quel couple yaoi populaire de shaman king vous etes By katoryu-diethel
  351. Quel membre de lAraignée êtes-vous? By Kura & Pika
  352. Quel perso de DB/Z/GT es-tu? By Pan San
  353. Quel perso de One Piece êtes-vous? By Yaoman
  354. Quel personnage dAngelic Layer est-tu? By Tamayo
  355. Quel personnage de manga ou danime êtes vous ? By jay
  356. Quest for the True Otaku By Sakura
  357. Quién eres de Vanava By Gente
  358. Quiksilvers Cardcaptor Card selector By Quiksilver
  359. Quirks Housing Selector By pan
  360. Quiz By Rbeccerz
  361. R U a Goku or a Vegeta? By Shadow Dragon5
  362. R U a Gundam fan? By Neptune87
  363. Ragnarok Character Selector By Eclipse
  364. Ragnarok Online Character Quiz By Avery
  365. random bishi fun... By Shi-chan
  366. Random RPG characters. By Hera
  367. Ranma 1/2 Character By biiko
  368. Ranma 1/2 character By Mokenda
  369. Ranma 1/2 Character Personality By Suzu Nyanko
  370. Ranma 1/2 Character Quiz By aNiMe_FrEaK_78
  371. Ranma 1/2 Character Quiz! By Akana-chan
  372. Ranma 1/2 Character room and personality test By Aya Hamazaki
  373. Ranma 1/2 Character Selector By Silk
  374. Ranma 1/2 character selector By lilmystygirl
  375. Ranma 1/2 Character Test By Pskettios
  376. Ranma 1/2 Character Test By knowlto
  377. Ranma 1/2 Characters By Rayuma Koneko Saotome
  378. Ranma 1/2 Characters By happy
  379. Ranma 1/2 Females By Treesong
  380. Ranma 1/2 Personality Test By SuperPerfectCell
  381. Ranma 1/2 Psychos By Geri Faerie
  382. Ranma 1/2 Special Selector By Trista Meioh
  383. Ranma 1/2 Which Character is best for you? By Hawkeye218
  384. RANMA 1/2: WHO YOU MOST LIKE??? By Mousse Toki
  385. Ranma and a half By SaiRong13
  386. ranma charator selector By kiss_inuyasha
  387. Ranma charecter selector By ukyo
  388. Ranma Male character selector By DynastGrauscherra
  389. Ranma Nibunnoichi By EternallyLost
  390. Ranma One Half Personality Tester By Ryoga Hibiki
  391. ranmas new anime test By ranma 1/2
  392. Rave Master charcter By Funnyfatso12
  393. rave selector By khalis
  394. raven By starfair
  395. Rayearth Character Selector By Leann
  396. Rayearth Character Selector By Spacebabie
  397. Rayearth Character Selector:Who Are You? By Hikki
  398. Rayes Bishonen Quiz (What bishonen is right for you?) By Raye-hime
  399. RDS "Gye" Quiz By Rachel of RDS
  400. RDS Doony Character Quiz By Rachel of RDS
  401. Rebecca(Hikari)-Chans Kyara Quiz By Rebecca (Hikari)-Chan
  402. Rebecca-Chans Kyara Selector By Rebecca-Chan
  403. Record of Lodoss War Character Selector By J-B
  404. Record of Lodoss War quiz By
  405. recruitable Suikoden 3 Selector By Blue Star Hand
  406. Red friction personality quiz By mnightshadowwolf
  407. Rei or Kizuna? By reichan
  408. Rei or Kizuna? By Rei-chan
  409. Reign character quiz By Kaoru Himura
  410. Reign: The Conqueror Male Partner Selector By Esvee the Outlaw
  411. Reincarnated Slayer? By Roku Karasu
  412. Reis Digimon World By Rei Fisher
  413. Renegade Shibuya By adriN and Tengo
  414. Repairer Candidate Selector By Wrecka
  415. Revolutionary Girl Utena quiz By Hotohori
  416. Reyearth By Tasuki kun
  417. Rhapsody RPG Character Selector By lolita no 18
  418. Rip Off Character Selector By Star
  419. Rip Off Character Selector. By Star
  420. Rise of Orion Selector By jeremie
  421. River City Ransom EX Selector By Dragoon
  422. RK Character pairings By Nikki-chan
  423. RK Male Partner Selector By Shura
  424. RK_Cool Selector By Misanagi_Tsukioka
  425. RLGaurdian By Minako Kou
  426. Roadside Test By God
  427. Robotech: New Generation Character Selector By Isis
  428. Rockman EXE Statution By Morpha
  429. Rockman.EXE Character Selector By Faye.EXE
  430. RockMan.EXE Selector By Silver Wing Knight
  431. Rockman/Rockman X Personality Selector By Mary Duncan
  432. Roleplaying class selector By XingutuTHEimmortal
  433. Ronin Personality Test By Lady Soulstice
  434. Ronin Warriors By Karol Lynn Corbin
  435. Ronin Warriors Persona Test By Ryuujino Kou
  436. Ronin Warriors Selector By Chisara Notell
  437. Rose Argent (Semi)Original Character Selector By Rose Argent
  438. Rose of Versailles Character By Narumi
  439. Rose of Versailles Character By Narumi
  440. rouroni kenshin selecter By author
  441. RPG Anime Character By Nikkoru
  442. RPG Character Class Generator By Kefkaroth
  443. RPG selector Quiz By Strife Akuriya
  444. Ruckers Cowboy Bebop Selector By Rucker
  445. RUN! By Yuki
  446. Rune of the Vampire Hunters Female Character Selector By Zeki
  447. Rune of the Vampire Hunters Male Character Selector By Zeki
  448. Runners character selector By runners
  449. Ruouni Kenshin: Which Character are You? By Hotaru
  450. Ruroni Kenshin Character Selector By Jimbo Monkey
  451. RuRôNi KeNShiN SeLeCtoR By misamoe_yumimachi
  452. Rurouni Kenshin By dylan
  453. Rurouni kenshin By Nadine
  454. ---Rurouni Kenshin--- By chicken*cherry*cola
  455. Rurouni Kenshin & Samurai X By Morgana Okami
  456. Rurouni Kenshin Bakumatsu By Ayana_Chi
  457. Rurouni Kenshin character quizz By miniyo kashugairae
  458. Rurouni Kenshin Character Selector By Kawaii-chan
  459. Rurouni Kenshin Character Selector By Tokio
  460. Rurouni Kenshin Character Selector By xceres
  461. Rurouni Kenshin Character Selector By Carly Stepan
  462. Rurouni Kenshin Character Selector By Crimsin
  463. Rurouni Kenshin Character Selector By kaoru_dono7321
  464. Rurouni Kenshin Characters By Rapton
  465. Rurouni Kenshin charactor selector By inus girl
  466. Rurouni Kenshin Female Character Selector By Misao
  467. Rurouni Kenshin Friend Test By Kei
  468. rurouni kenshin gals By ookami
  469. Rurouni Kenshin Guy Just Right for You By Miss Jaganshi
  470. Rurouni Kenshin Guy Selector By Half-Esper Laura
  471. Rurouni Kenshin Guy Selector By Mikura
  472. Rurouni Kenshin Personality Match By Jake McVey
  473. Rurouni Kenshin Personality Selector FEMALE By xXWeAsELxMiSaOXx
  474. Rurouni Kenshin Personality Selector(with images) By animedragon83
  475. Rurouni Kenshin Quiz By Tanner Smith
  476. Rurouni Kenshin Selector By Battousai-chan
  477. rurouni kenshin selector: need i say more? By aku.soku.zan.
  478. rurouni kenshin(Korean) By chelsea
  479. rurouni kenshin: you know how they all have different clothes and all? yeah...which is most suitable for you... By ookami
  480. Ryukage character selector By Kyoko Mouri
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