The Big List Of Anime Selectors
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  1. G Gundam By Love
  2. G Gundam By Gundam Gurl*
  3. G Gundam brothers personality quiz By Kayna Kasshu
  4. G Gundam Character quiz By GMaxter21
  5. G Gundam Character Selector By Straya
  6. G Gundam Character Selector By Dappya
  7. G Gundam Character Test By Spiegel Gundam
  8. G gundam Gundams By Ciden
  9. G Gundam Male Character Compatibility Test By Dappya
  10. G Gundam Personality Quiz: Which Character Are You Most Like? By Anime-Wall-Flower
  11. G Gundam Personality Test By ClubAceChou
  12. G Gundam Pilot Quiz By Domon of Neo Japan
  13. G Gundam Quiz By Orfen
  14. G Gundam Selector By The Ever Hater of Miaka
  15. G Gundam you know and you dont By M & A Kasshu
  16. Galaxy Angel By Meilin
  17. Galaxy Angel character selector By Saotome Keitaro
  18. Galaxy Angels By sakaugila
  19. Galaxy Angels By Yuna_Gurl987
  20. Galaxy angels girl selector By harpie-lady
  21. galaxy girl personality quiz By Taii Koneko
  22. Galaxy Girls personality traits By Kali Anderson
  23. Galaxy Senshi Personality Test By Crystal Clear Destiny
  24. GALS! Female Selector By Cryssi
  25. Games Personality By suzaku spirit beast
  26. Garden Hills Character Selector By Beth
  27. gargoyles selector By effera
  28. Gate Keepers Personality Quiz By Sanos Atkin
  29. GateKeeper Girls Selector By Chou Nuriko
  30. Gateway of Destiny By Apollo
  31. Gemini Girlz: Lost Goddesses By Kimmie Aria
  32. General Anime Character Selector By Sohryu Asuka Langley
  33. Generation Fushi Senshi By Kaze
  34. Generation of Revolutions personality quiz By Mel*chan
  35. Gensomaden Saiyuki By Laira
  36. gensomaden saiyuki By CJ triumph
  37. Gensoumaden Saiyuki Character Selector By shura
  38. Gensoumaden Saiyuki Personality Selector By alyxie
  39. Geobreeders Character Selector By Comatose Turtle
  40. Get Backers Selector By JoJo
  41. Getbackers By jooosssh
  42. G-Girl Selector By Ann Valentine
  43. G-Gundam By Patryk The Man
  44. G-Gundam Ulitimate Personality Quiz By C.C.
  45. Ghost In The Shell Character Selector By Ryo Shikuze
  46. Ghost in the Shell Stand Alone Complex By John
  47. Ghosts Full Metal Alchemist Character Selector By Angel Ghost
  48. Girl Anime Character Selector By Kawaii_Kylara
  49. God Land Personality Selector By Rae-chan
  50. Gokinjo Monogatari By prisonsexxx
  51. Gokudo-kun Manyuki Character selector By Niari no Miko
  52. Gold Digger By Moonflayme Dragon
  53. Golden Sun Chara Test By Artic
  54. Golden Sun Character Persona Selector By Golden_Sun_Xtreme
  55. Golden Sun character quiz By NekoBlaze
  56. Golden Sun II: the lost age. Who are you? By Kobra
  57. Gone Wrong Band Member Selector By evan worse
  58. Good Guy Anime Selector By TrunksMasterKi
  59. Good guys from Dragon Ball Selector By Balina Firako Halo Kensa
  60. Gorillaz Character Selector By Portable Confessional
  61. Goth Potion By dirtywitchkara
  62. GRAPE FRUIT By Nao Ryusaki
  63. Gravitation Blind Date-o-meter Selector By The Fablespinner
  64. gravitation character By ruki saotome
  65. Gravitation Character Remix By Sandcat Juniper
  66. Gravitation Character Selector By Isabella Kraft
  67. Gravitation Character Selector By Kinki
  68. Gravitation character selector By Kell
  69. Gravitation Character Selector By Merii-ko
  70. Gravitation Character Selector By Mitsu and Kitsu
  71. Gravitation Character Selector By Kim-chan
  72. Gravitation Character Selector By Cube
  73. Gravitation Character Selector, the original one By Twincast
  74. Gravitation Personality Match By Obsessive_Fangirl
  75. Gravitation testy majiger thingy! By Desolation
  76. Greengirl7 By Clio the Muse
  77. Groove Rave Adventure Selector By feitan_26
  78. GTO French Test By Hajime Saito
  79. GTS Characters By CeruleanLee
  80. Guardian Alana: The Eight Protectors By Rika
  81. Guardians Trilogy Character Selector By Spryng
  82. guess what anime By sakura
  83. Guild House Sorting By _Kagome_2o01_
  84. Guilty Gear Character Selector By Genko Matsuri
  85. Guilty Gear X: Whos Your Man? By Mashiro Karasu
  86. Guilty Gear XX Character Quiz By Larry
  87. Gundam 0079 Personality Test By NeoZealot
  88. Gundam 08th MS Team Compatibility By Akuma
  89. Gundam Boys 4 Ever By Jasmine
  90. Gundam girl matcher By Randall
  91. Gundam Mecha Quiz By chris
  92. Gundam Pilot Personality Test By Char Aznable
  93. Gundam Pilot Selector By DraecoAznable
  94. Gundam SEED character selecter By Vatani-chan
  95. Gundam Seed Character Selector By Scott
  96. gundam selecter By zach
  97. Gundam W Character Selector By AnimeOkieGuy
  98. Gundam Wing Bishonen Selector By Mitsuyatsu Neko-Chan
  99. Gundam Wing Bishouen Boyfriend By Anshin
  100. Gundam Wing Bunny By Shinigami Myao
  101. gundam wing caractor/ endless waltz By otakuJames
  102. Gundam Wing Character Quiz By Allison
  103. Gundam Wing Character Selector By Kachan
  104. Gundam Wing Character Selector By Chikinmegami
  105. Gundam Wing Character Selector By Chikin
  106. Gundam Wing Character Selector (Spanish) By Kamikaze Tsukiyono
  107. Gundam Wing Character Test By Nadeshiko Kinomoto
  108. Gundam Wing Characters By Quatre
  109. Gundam Wing charcter By Kalu
  110. Gundam Wing Compatibles By Xanpyther
  111. Gundam Wing Couple Selector By Asura Sotosuri
  112. Gundam Wing Entertainment; Fan-Fic Character Selector; Pilots By Kat
  113. Gundam Wing Girl Selector By G-Gurl
  114. Gundam Wing Guys: Which guy is best for you? By Goddess of Death
  115. Gundam Wing Love Selector By Trintons Girl
  116. Gundam Wing Mecha Selector (from Alexs Ultimate Gundam Wing) By Duo Maxwell
  117. Gundam Wing Perfect Partner By Ailia
  118. gundam wing persona selector, the real thing By Alexis
  119. Gundam Wing Persona Test By Ryuujino Kou
  120. Gundam Wing personality selector By Seifer_Squall
  121. Gundam Wing Personality Selector By ShiroiTsuru
  122. Gundam wing personality test By Komilla
  123. Gundam Wing Selector By dEePdEpReZiOn
  124. Gundam Wing Selector By gundam_girl
  125. Gundam Wing Sick Puppy Writers Brigade By Solitude1056
  126. Gundam Wing Women Selector By Rose Valentine
  127. Gundam Wing/Escaflowne Character Quiz By Anime Monkey
  128. Gundam Wing: Which gundam is best for you? By Duo Maxwell
  129. Gundam/Final fantasy Ideal man By FF-Chan
  130. GundamW boys character matching By rhythmgeneration
  131. GundamWing Character Selector By kurisaru
  132. Gung-Ho-Guns: Which one are you? By Gabe
  133. Gunsmith cats charecter selector! By rally_vincent
  134. Gunsmith Cats OAV Character Selector By Nastajja Radinov
  135. Gunsmithcats character selector By Misty
  136. Guyver: The Bioboosted Armour character selector By darklordebemon
  137. GW Character Selector By Vash the Stampede
  138. GW Match By Shikkan
  139. haangh.. By Joe Jonker
  140. Haato no Kagami Character selector By Chibi Alex-chan
  141. Haibane Renmei Character Test By Little Crow
  142. Hakkenden! Which Dog Warrior are you? By daisaku
  143. Ham Girls By BowWowHamtaro
  144. Ham Ham Quiz By Bijou
  145. Ham Ham Test By Littleone Chao
  146. HamHam Clubhouse By DarkWolf
  147. Ham-Ham Fan By Alice Chan
  148. Ham-Hams By Alice
  149. Hamtaro By Hamtaro-Bijou
  150. Hamtaro Character Quiz By Double Trouble Togepi
  151. Hamtaro Character Quiz (for girls) By Double Trouble Togepi
  152. Hamtaro Character Quiz (for guys) By Double Trouble Togepi
  153. Hamtaro Ham-Ham Selector By ElectricLucky
  154. Hamtaro Ham-Hams selector By Sayuri
  155. Hamtaro Kid Character By Alice_ham
  156. Hamtaro Quiz By Merica
  157. Hamtaro Selector By Murasaki
  158. Hamtaro selector By Meru
  159. Hamtaro Selector By ~~~~~~~~~~~Bijou~~~~~~~~~...
  160. Hamtaro Selector By HamHam
  161. Hamtaro-Rayearth-DNAngel-DiGiCharat Character Selector Quiz Thingy By Demi Kobayashi
  162. Hana Noko Compatibilty By Sashi
  163. HANAH NO COMIK By kuror--erm, me
  164. Hand Maid May By SyDog
  165. Hand Maid May By Motoko
  166. Hand Maid May Character Selector By CyberX
  167. Hanyous Character Quiz By HanyouHalfDemon
  168. Happy Lesson Character Selector By Nyanko
  170. Haruka13 By Haruka13
  171. Haunted Junction Character Selector By lolita no 18
  172. Haunted Junction Character Selector By Ann Valentine
  173. Hawks Anime Test By Night Hawk
  174. Heart Heart High character selector By Yuki
  175. hellsing By dargeta morgan
  176. Hellsing By mtoigo
  177. Hellsing character By MT
  178. Hellsing Character Selector By HavocHQ
  179. Hellsing Character Selector By Morgane
  180. Hellsing Character Selector By Manda
  181. Hellsing Character Selector By Senno Knife
  182. Hellsing Character Selector By The What
  183. Hellsing selector By king james
  184. Hentai Anime Selector By Tenkawa Ruri
  185. Here is Greenwood By Edden
  186. Here is Greenwood (Koko wa Greenwood) character selector By Meru-chan
  187. Hero/Villain...and where...? By Madness
  188. Hikaru no Go By J-chan
  189. Hikaru No Go Character SElector By Joyce
  190. Hina Miu, Hoshi Miu & Natsuki Miu By Natsuki Miu
  191. Hino Reis Personality Quiz By kousagi11
  192. Hirotaras Quiz- Who Are You Like In InuYasha? By Hirotara
  193. HnC By Ksama
  194. HNC2!!!!!!!!! By Ksama2
  195. Holy Avenger- Who are you?(portuguese) By Wynna, deusa da Magia
  196. Hot Anime Guys By Kimiko T.
  197. Hot Bishounen Selector By Harpist Person
  198. Houshin Engi Character Compatibility By Yi Lei
  199. Houshin Engi Character Test By Aine
  200. Houshin Engi Personality Tester By sabine
  201. How big of an anime otaku are you? By Purin-chan
  202. How Evil are You? By Shara Carter
  203. How Evil Are You? By Togechukku
  204. How Excessive Are You??? By Lissa
  205. How Farf are you? *nacknack* By Rai-jin
  206. How Japanese Are You? By Katsuhisa Azusa Asuke
  207. How l33t are j00? By DDR Faery Spice
  208. how likely are you to have a gay son? By Vicious Vi
  209. How Long Would You Survive in the Tokyo Babylon Universe? By Thalia Poet
  210. How much are you like Amy Rose? By AmyRose
  211. How much are you like Vegeta? By VegetaBuilder
  212. How much are you like Xellos from Slayers? By Dark Silence no Hime
  213. How much do you know about My Little World? By FC
  214. How Much Do You LOVE Digimon? By Yotama Shoro
  215. How much do you love Gackt? By mmGackt
  216. How much do you love Nuriko By nurikos_lover
  217. How much do you REALLY love Genma? By Jenma
  218. How much like don patch are you By bo-bopatchasuke
  219. How much of a boardie are you? By chacha
  220. How much of a Dragonball Z fan are you? By Kenny Asaro
  221. How much of an Anime freak are you? By Ruby
  222. How much of an otaku are you? By Mishkuu
  223. How much of an otaku are you? By mugoi usagi
  224. How much Vegeta are You? By Ryan
  225. How otaku are you? By Pen Pen
  226. How Otaku Are You? By flint
  227. How Rukawa Kaede Are You? By Rukawa Nishiki
  228. How well do you know JulianMoore? By JulianMoore
  229. How Well Do You Know Sean By Sean Bailey
  230. Hunter X Hunter By Shilayuki
  231. Hunter X Hunter By Killua
  232. hunter x hunter character selector By hunter_fanatic
  233. Hunter X Hunter Nen Test By domineko
  234. hunter x hunter x type of hunter By skater girl
  235. Hunter x Hunter: Whats your nen type? By SoHm
  236. HunterxHunter By J-chan
  237. HUNTERXHUNTER Test By icegirl
  238. i love yugi By i love yugi
  239. I want to get into anime....but which one should i look for??!! By Eri Adoji
  240. Ideal Bishonen By Neeris
  241. Ideal Darkstalkers Character By Knuckles 169
  242. Ideal female anime selector By Woraug
  243. Ideal ff boyfriend By Yuffie&Selphie
  244. Ideal Final Fantasy Women Selector By Ultima Kayasaki
  245. Ideal Male Anime Character By Kain
  246. Ideal Mate [From Fushigi Yuugi] By Yasumi
  247. Ideal Yu Yu Hakusho Man Selector By VWKidd
  248. Idol Project By piiko-chan
  249. idunno By blueberry
  250. idunno By idunno
  251. If You Were A Yu Yu Hakusho Character: By Pure_Drivel
  252. Imadoki! character selector By Tanpopo Yamazaki
  253. Imadoki! Character Test By Mariko
  254. IMate!: Guy from Anime/Game By Piccylo Daimajoou
  255. IMH Character By the Youkai Sisters
  256. in which anime do u belong to? By watery_hyna
  257. Inner Scout Selector By Eternal Sailor Mars 44
  258. Inner Senshi quiz By Fuu Houojii122589
  259. inu yasha By foxdemon03
  260. INU YASHA By hanu
  261. Inu yasha By Lanny-chan
  262. Inu Yasha character By Inu Yasha
  263. Inu Yasha Character Quiz By wolfxdemon
  264. Inu Yasha character selecter By Kaira
  265. Inu Yasha character selector By Nazomi Takaishi
  266. Inu Yasha Character Selector By inukag_rogue
  267. Inu yasha charater decider By Natalie
  268. Inu Yasha Lover By KaYoNoSaY8031
  269. Inu Yasha personality test By Oreo
  270. Inu Yasha Selector! By NeoYasha
  271. Inu Yasha/Japanese name that fits your personality! By Usagi
  272. Inuyasha By Hono
  273. Inuyasha By Kagome,Mutt, and Koga
  274. Inuyasha By j to da izzo
  275. InuYasha By mornin
  276. Inuyasha By Ўŭĸĭ...
  277. Inuyasha By tiakw323758979
  278. InuYasha All-Inclusive Character Selector By hyperchica11
  279. inuyasha and card captors personality quizz By britany
  280. inuyasha and sailor moon personality quizz By akaine
  281. Inuyasha Bishounens By Inuyasha
  282. Inuyasha boy friend selector By Amy
  283. Inuyasha Character By keiko
  284. Inuyasha character By Kage
  285. inuyasha character By Abi Suotani
  286. Inuyasha character By Silver heart
  287. Inu-yasha character By Himeko maxwell
  288. Inuyasha character By Luna
  289. Inuyasha Character By Sesshomaru
  290. Inu-Yasha Character Personality Selector By Chocolate Ayame
  291. InuYasha Character Quiz By _kagome_
  292. Inuyasha Character Quiz By ~*~KamiyaKarou~*~
  293. Inuyasha Character Quiz By MischiefInstigator
  294. Inu-Yasha character quiz By Miyu Haruyama
  295. Inu-Yasha Character Selctor By Kiki
  296. Inu-Yasha character selecter By Asia Garza
  297. Inuyasha character selector By Tina
  298. Inuyasha Character Selector By Inuyasha-Gurlie
  299. Inuyasha Character Selector By Cherry Blossom Suicide
  300. Inuyasha Character Selector By Zack
  301. Inuyasha Character Selector By sessh0maru
  302. Inuyasha Character Selector By Ryoko-Chan
  303. Inu-Yasha Character Selector By Kohaku
  304. Inuyasha Character Test By Inuyasha_Alex-_-chan
  305. inuyasha character test By jeff r.
  306. InuYasha Character- Who Would You Be? By Hirotara/Ayla Hatoshi
  307. Inuyasha Characters By Silver_moon_wolf76
  308. Inuyasha charactor selctor By Xhyperinuyashax
  309. Inuyasha charecter selecter By chelsea courville
  310. Inuyasha charecter selector By Chelsea Courville
  311. Inuyasha chatacter selector By Kikyou21491
  312. Inuyasha for Yaoi By Meining
  313. InuYasha Male Selector By Dark
  314. Inuyasha Match By Crystal
  315. Inuyasha mwahahahahahahahaha! By Koga
  316. inuyasha or sesshomaru By inuyasha(christine)
  317. Inuyasha OR Sesshomaru -which one are YOU??? By T-chan&Diana-sama
  318. InuYasha Or Sesshoumaru? By SSJdemon
  319. Inuyasha person selecter By Spark
  320. Inuyasha Personality Quest By Yume
  321. Inuyasha personality quiz By Darklily
  322. InuYasha Personality Quiz By Tetley
  323. InuYasha Personality Quiz By Tetley
  324. Inu-Yasha Personality Test By Sango
  325. Inu-yasha Personality Test By Sabrina Holt
  326. Inuyasha Quiz By Inusgurl
  327. inuyasha quiz: has almost every common charector By anime angel
  328. Inuyasha Selector By Kitty and Fluffy
  329. Inu-Yasha Selector By Mallory Woodard
  330. Inu-Yasha selector By FuuH
  331. Inu-Yasha Selector By Sentuki
  332. Inuyasha soul mate By Midnightwolves
  333. InuYasha Test By Isuku
  334. inuyasha test By yoko
  335. Inuyasha Villain Selector By Miss Kittie
  336. Inu-Yasha Villains/Baddies Selector By Snowy Anagram
  337. inuyasha, ash, kirara, shippo & misty selector By kagome higurashi
  338. InuYasha, Dragon Ball Z and Neon Genesis Evangelion Character Selector By areku
  339. Inuyasha, Kouga oder ... (Only for Girls) By Sayomi
  340. Inu-Yasha: Miroku Slapper Quiz By Pyro
  341. Inuyasha: Sengoku o-Togi Zoushi - Who are you? By Kagura-sama
  342. Inuyasha: Which Character Are You? By Sir Wence
  343. Invader Zim (Ultra Selector! 25 Characters!) By ME_MANIA_Sama
  344. Invader Zim Personalitly Test By SSonic10
  345. Invader Zim personality quiz By umi-chan
  346. Invader Zim Personality quiz By Wack_Zach
  347. Invader ZIM personality Test By Zel
  348. Iria character selector By Quortez
  349. IRIS - Which character are you most like? By Krystal
  350. IRIS: Blue City By Krystal
  351. Is character selector By Iori
  352. Is selector By Tohru_Honda
  353. Is shounen-ai for YOU? By Sky Blue Angel
  354. Is your bishounen good or BAD? By K-chan
  355. Is your personality similar to yukis? (O-meter) By Tabby
  356. Ishikawa Metre By Ishikawa
  357. Its simply a very good naruto test with many character results and questions, made by a true fan (me) try it! By Destructionz
  358. Izzys Fun and Funky (not to mention unconventional) Slayers Selector!!! By Izobel
  359. J O B selector By euel
  360. Jabon Oblivian By Jabon Bonja
  361. jackie chan charactor selector By amnee/ashanti
  362. jackie chan selecter 24 By serena tsunico
  363. Japnesse Cartoons Selector By Caleb Roy
  364. JENOVA Project By Hojo
  365. jess By bam butler
  366. Jhonen Vasquez Character Selector By RowanNymph
  367. Jhonen Vasquez Comic Selector By megumi
  368. Jigsaw personality test By Reanna King
  369. JLA Selector By Liam Myles
  370. JoJos Bizarre Adventure Character Selector By KaLi
  371. Jons Characters By Jon Suavayhole
  372. Jubei-chan By Val-chan
  373. Just another What Anime whould you fit in selecter By Karen
  374. Just Who Are You, in and out of Anime? By JosefLocastro
  375. Jyunishi characters By Mizuki
  376. Kaiba, Mutoh and Wheeler Character Selector By SaraG
  377. Kaibas Death Quiz By Kai
  378. Kaidan Character Selector By Chiron Childress
  379. Kaitou Saint Tail By babygomamon
  380. Kamikaze Kaitou Jeanne By Yuna
  381. Kamikaze Kaitou Jeanne Character Personality Selector By amiboshi
  382. Kamikaze Kaitou Jeanne Love Selector- Guys Version By Chereth
  383. Kamikaze Kaitou Jeanne Selector By George Aguirre
  384. Kamikaze Kaitou Jeanne Selector By CyBoRg
  385. Kamikaze Katiou Jeanne By Sakuramoon
  386. Kamikaze Katiou Jeanne Character Selector By Tenshi
  387. Kanbou Faias Slayers Selector^-^ By Kanbou Faia
  388. Kanon Character Selector By Nuriko
  389. Kara no Teikoku Selector By ryuuen
  390. Kare Kano By maeka
  391. Kare Kano character selector By Ryo_Saeba
  392. Kare Kano en español By Ayane 3k
  393. Kare Kano Super Quiz! By aishabe
  394. Karekano By Heather
  395. KareKano character profile By BishounernKami
  396. Kareshi Kanojo no Jijou Selector By ShadowSweetness
  397. Kareshii Kanojo no Jijyo Character Selector By Shiraishi Mayumi
  398. Kawaii Anime Character Selector (for girls...) By bob the llama
  399. Kawaii Dreams Characters By Kawaii Dreams
  400. Kaze Bunshin no Jutsu By True Wind
  401. KenjiLife Test! By KenjiLife
  402. Kenshin By Ace Gyabuto
  403. Kenshin character test By Ilene
  404. Kenshin Character. By Ryan Rector
  405. kenshin good guy perssanality salector By KC Fritch
  406. Kenshin Personality Selector By VinnyMac
  407. Kenshin-test By Linn
  408. Kewl Digidestined Selector By soniceo
  409. Members....Which One are you? By Ami
  410. Kidou Tenshi Angelic Layer Character Selector By Reiha-chan
  411. Kills naruto character selector By Kill
  412. Kimis Digimon Selector By Kimi Tachikawa
  413. Kinamia--X female selector By Hiei-Chan
  414. King of Fighters (Mostly) Male Character Selector By Kyoko
  415. King of Fighters 2000 Selector By Reona Heidern
  416. King of Fighters Compatibility Selector By _JoKeR_
  417. King of Fighters Girls Personality/Match Selector By Ralf Jones
  418. King of fighters selector By Ted
  419. Kingdom Hearts By cloud
  420. Kingdom Hearts By Cloud
  421. Kingdom Hearts By ShadowCat
  422. Kingdom Hearts By Riku the Heartless Gateke...
  423. Kingdom Hearts By zaza
  424. Kingdom Hearts 2, Who from Organization XIII are you? By r-o-x-a-s
  425. kingdom hearts character selector By jayce
  426. Kingdom Hearts Character Selector By Angel_on_fire
  427. Kingdom Hearts Character Selector By Amateria
  428. Kingdom Hearts charecter selector By DefenderX
  429. Kingdom Hearts Charector Selector By RULER OF YOUR WORLD!!!***...
  430. Kingdom Hearts Couple Selector By stacy
  431. Kingdom Hearts Personality Quiz By Lane
  432. kingdom hearts quiz By Emanuel Velazquez
  433. kingdom hearts:who are you? By kingdom hearts girl
  434. Kingdom Heats Quiz By Kingdom Hearts
  435. Kingdom* Hearts By space*outlaw
  436. Kitti Cat Co. Character quiz By Kitty Kat
  437. Kizuna Character Selector By yuekishuu
  438. Knights of Apocalypse Ascendant Selector By Daniel Brabble
  439. Knights of Venus By Maeko-chan
  440. Know Your Anime! By The Anime Queen, Akiko
  441. Knuckles Chaotix Personality Test By Katiria
  442. Kodacha Quiz! By Naozumi
  443. KodiaX987s TFFOMP Character Selector By KodiaX987
  444. Kodocha Bubbles Selector! By Fuuka
  445. Kodocha personality selector By Olga
  446. Kodomo no Omocha By Geri Faerie
  447. Kodomo no Omocha - Squirrel, Babbit, or a Pimp? By HeavenlyCreature
  448. KoF character selector By Yamazaki
  449. Koko wa Greenwood personality quiz! By rinoastar
  450. koogum By Yeng
  451. Kraux Personality Tester! By Jenn
  452. KRC Char selector By Mangaka Wa
  453. Krystainias Villain Finder By Krystainia
  454. Kuka Tokyo mewmew hahmo olet?? By MewMinto
  455. Kyu Anime Selector By Gohan Kun Shin
  456. Lain Character Selector By john
  457. Lair of the Blue Eyes By majin_bakura
  458. Lawful Drug Bishounen Are you? By AngelCrisis
  459. Le selector de personnages issus de NARUTO ! By Junta-kun
  460. Leader Senshi Selector By Sunshine
  461. Legandary Pokemon Matcher By Chelsea
  462. Legend A By Mazukai
  463. Legend Od Legaia Selector By the way
  464. Legend of Basara Character selector By DrMM
  465. Legend of Dragoon character selector By DarkMoon
  466. Legend of Legaia By Songi!
  467. Legend of Mana Character Selector By Mana Goddess
  468. Legend of Mana characters By Mana Priestess
  469. legendary pokemon test(kanto-johto) By taylugia
  470. Legends of The Universe By Juan.
  471. Light and Darkness Character Comparison By Ashley Short
  472. Lil Washus Anim Lab By lil washu
  473. Litost Satellite Character Test By jazriot
  474. Lizaans Cartoon Character quiz By Lizaan
  475. Lodoss Character Selector By Belegwen Lightningblade
  476. LOM Weapon Selector By Christy
  477. Los bishounen son geniales!! ^^ ¿Cuál es el tuyo? By Anna Leonhart
  478. Lost Universe character selector By Razynne
  479. Lost Universe Character Selector By Holy Challenged
  480. Lost Universe Character Selector By Nozomi Blueriver
  481. love hina By impkid
  482. love hina By mason
  483. Love Hina :Test de caractère By Felix
  484. Love Hina Chara Selector By xxxxxxxxxx
  486. Love Hina Character Selector By Ross A.
  487. Love Hina Character Selector By Ross A.
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