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  1. Which video game character are you?
  2. Which Classic DDR Character RU Most Like?
  3. Ultimate Street Fighter Character Embodiment
  4. What is your Guilty Gear Theme?
  5. Ultimate Tekken Character Embodiment
  6. Which KOF Character Are U? (Refitted)
  7. What MK Ninja Sprite are you? (Revised)
  8. Which Samurai Shodown Character RU... for real
  9. Crash or Cortex Team Rumble Quiz (Revised)
  10. TMNT (Revised)
  11. Who R U in Crash Bandicoot?
  12. Do you have the Satsui No Hadou in you or the Orochi Blood?
  13. What Is Your INNER MK Warrior?
  14. Which KOF 1994 to 1998 Hottie Likes U?
  15. Who Would be Ur Mortal Enemy in Mortal Kombat?
  16. Who is your Street Fighter Enemy?
  17. What Video Game Character Are You? (Revised)
  18. Which Star Fox Character RU?
  19. Which Battlefield 2 Kit is right for you?
  20. They Say Vision

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