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  1. what 1776 charactor are you most like?
  2. Would you make a good actor? On stage or on film?
  3. Which Shakespearean Character are you?
  4. Which Current Broadway Musical Should You Watch?
  5. Which Assassins character are you most like?
  6. What Famous Shakespearean Play Are You?
  7. Which 'Producers' character are you most like?
  8. The Wiz Character Selector
  9. Which Camelot character are you?
  10. Cirque Du Soleil
  11. Who Are You in a Book/ Play?
  12. Which circus act suits you?
  13. Which Wicked Character are you?
  14. Are you a Theatre Diva?!?!
  15. Which Footloose the Musical Character Are You?
  16. Which Sweeney Todd Character Are You???
  17. Which Robin Hood character are you?
  18. Grease
  19. Which Gypsy Character are You? Selector
  20. Which character are you in Jekyll & Hyde?

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