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  1. What Is Your TRUE Alignment?
  2. Which Of The 8 Villain Archetype Are You?
  3. What race are you? (Revised)
  4. What Alignment Is Ur Enemy? (Revised)
  5. What is the Current Color of your Aura?
  6. Are you a good person?
  7. What color are you most like?
  8. what is your main flaw? (women only)
  9. Are you a good active listener?
  10. Which Emotion are you?
  11. What Kind Of Person Are You
  12. Amateur Psych Test
  13. Find YOUR Animal Totem
  14. Emo/Conformist Test
  15. Post apocalyptic test - what type of survivor would you be?
  16. King Arthur Character Selector
  17. How Asian are u?
  18. What class are you? Everquest and Dark Age Of Camelot!
  19. Which Bitch are you?
  20. Group Position

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