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  1. Which Dragon Movie Would You Be In?
  2. Which Kill Bill Vol. 1 & 2 Character Are You?
  3. Which Terminator RU?💀
  4. If their Hero Died which Super Villain would Target U Next?
  5. Which Fictional Weapon would Choose U?
  6. If Classic Disney Movies had Feelings which would Fancy U?
  7. Who RU from OZ?
  8. Witch Ghost from 13 Ghosts Are YOU?
  9. What Batman film is your favorite?
  10. What Spider-Man film is your favorite?
  11. Which Spider-Man Movie Is Your Favorite?
  12. What Lion King character are you most like?
  13. Which actress should play you in a movie about your life?
  14. The Addams Family
  15. Which All Dogs Go To Heaven character are you?
  16. Which character from Amelie are you?
  17. Which American Pie Character are you?
  18. Anastasia Character
  19. What Annie Character are you?
  20. Which Marvel Movie best matches you?

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