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  1. Which Samurai warlord are you?
  2. What Civil War General are you like?
  3. Which Classic Social Theory Are You?
  4. Which WW2 Dictator Are You?
  5. What Communist Dictator Are You?
  6. What Torture Method Would You Be?
  7. Ancient Civilisation selector
  8. What Medieval Social Class Would You Have Been?
  9. Which branch of Napoleonic Cavalry are you in?
  10. Which Pharaoh from Ancient Egypt Are You Most Like?
  11. Which Romanov Grand Duchess Are You?
  12. Your Ideal Medieval Job
  13. Which Nazi are You??
  14. Which Amazon Warrior Are You?
  15. Which Famous Historical Communist Are You?
  16. What World Leader Are You Most Like?
  17. Which communist/socialist fits you?
  18. What era do you belong in?
  20. Historical Individual Selector

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