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  1. Post-1945 World Leader Selector
  2. Your Favorite War
  3. Which Amazon Warrior Are You?
  4. Which Constitutional Amendment Are You?
  5. areyouapirate
  6. The six wives of Henry VIII
  7. Which Tudor?
  8. Bourbon kings
  9. Which Byzantine Empress Are You?
  10. Which Severan Roman Emperor Are You?
  11. Which Hominid Are You?
  12. Medieval Figure Selector
  13. Leaders during the RoTK Period.
  14. Ancient Civilisation selector
  15. Civilization3 Tribe
  16. Confederate Feelings Selector
  17. Famous Dead Person Selector
  18. What Communist Dictator Are You?
  19. Medieval Class Selector
  20. Which Pharaoh from Ancient Egypt Are You Most Like?

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