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  1. Which M&M would Mimic U?
  2. What Is Your Go-To Fast Food Chain?
  3. Which Fast Food Mascot Are You?
  4. Which Menu Item At Taco Bell Are You? (Revised)
  5. ICEE, Slush Puppie, or Slurpee?
  6. What Food are you Craving? (Revised)
  7. What College snackfood staple are you??? (Revised)
  8. Pick a Chip.
  9. What fast food restaurant is your favorite?
  10. What soft drink are you?
  11. Demographics for a BBQ resturant
  12. What brand of bottled water are you?
  13. What flavor ice cream are you?
  14. What Pizza Topping are You!?
  15. What cereal are you?
  16. What flavor potato chip are you?
  17. Chocolate Picker, Which is Your Favorite?
  18. Chocophelia > What Kind of Chocoholic Are You?
  19. Coffee Selector
  20. Are you coffee, tea, or hot chocolate?

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