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  1. What Fruit Loop are you?
  2. Which McDonalds product are you!?!?
  3. Which M&M would Mimic U?
  4. Which Fast Food Mascot Are You?
  5. What Chinese Food are you?
  6. What brand of bottled water are you?
  7. What Food are you Craving?
  8. Chocophelia > What Kind of Chocoholic are You?
  9. What Is Your Go-To Fast Food Chain?
  10. Do you want to be a vegetarian?
  11. Special Diet / Veg Lifestyle Selector
  12. What flavor potato chip are you?
  13. What Food are you Craving? (Revised)
  14. Should You Be A Vegetarian?
  15. Cuisine Selector
  16. What Fruit Are You?
  17. Which Jelly Baby are you?
  18. Chocolate Picker, Which is Your Favorite?
  19. Ice Cream Selector

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