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  1. Aloha/Hawaiian Shirt Selector
  2. Underwear Selector
  3. clothing, what you should look best in
  4. Which prolific crossdresser are you most like?
  5. What type gal/gyaru are you?
  6. which goth loli model are you
  7. Do I love you?
  8. what is your fashion
  10. Teenage Clothing Style Stereotyper
  11. What type of kogal are you?
  12. What Style do You Have?
  13. Which Project Runway Season 3 designer are you?
  14. which supermodel do you look like?
  15. What kind of model are you?
  16. Are You A Blonde?
  17. The Handbag Lady
  18. are you really alternative??
  19. Which Decade Should You Have Been Born In (Part One)?
  20. What Type of Shoe Should You Wear?

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