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  1. Which Lion King 1994 Character Are You?
  2. Which Disney Prince Would King Mickey Make Turn U Into?
  3. Which Disney Villain would be your Partner in Dancing with the Stars?
  4. Which Disney Princess HATES You?
  5. Which Disney Prince Would Pull A Sword On You And Say, THERE CAN BE ONLY ONE!
  6. Who Would Want To Date You Kim Possible❤️ Or Shego💚?
  7. Which Disney Villain Is Giving Serious Thought... To Eating Your Wife / Hubby?
  8. What Disney Girl are you?
  9. For the Ladies, which Disney Princess Dress Looks Best on U
  10. Which Elsa Wants To Build A Snowman With You? ☃️
  11. What Disney Heroine are you?
  12. Which Phineas and Ferb Character Are You Most Like?
  13. What Once Upon A Time Character Are You?
  14. Which Disney Prince are you most compatable with?
  15. *::NEW IMPROVED*:: Which Disney character are you?
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  18. KimPossible Selector
  19. Which Disney Movie Character are You?
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