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  2. Which Disney Princess should you date?
  3. Lion King Generator
  4. What Disney character of all time are you?
  5. Which Disney girl do you look most like?
  6. Which Disney slut (or frigid bitch) are you?
  7. Which Lion King Character Are You?
  8. Which Disney couple are you and your crush/boyfriend??
  9. what totally spies character are you
  10. Which Classic Disney Movie Should You Watch?
  11. Which Newsie Are You?
  12. Which Disney Princess HATES You?
  13. Which Disney Movie Character are You?
  14. What Treasure Planet Character are you like?
  15. Which Bambi Character Are You?
  16. which gargoyle character are u?
  17. Which Disney Princess are you?
  18. Which Disney Villain would be your Partner in Dancing with the Stars?
  19. Who Would Want To Date You Kim Possible❤️ Or Shego💚?
  20. Whats Your Disney Personality? (villain, hero, princess, etc.)

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