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Member-made Crime Selectors:

  1. Which Fictional Bully Would Call on You?
  2. Which American Outlaws Character are you?
  3. Which famous terrorist are you?
  4. Your Life of Crime
  5. What Kind of Criminal Are You?
  6. What Kinda Crook Are You?
  7. what dictator are you?
  8. What crime will you be most likely to succeed at
  9. what would u be in prison for?
  10. Public Enemies: Prohibition Era American Gangsters
  11. Murder 101
  12. Which member of the Kelly gang are you?
  13. How would you kill somone? part 1: out of anger
  14. Which serial killer are you most like?
  15. Which serial Killer would you be?
  16. Your ideal crime
  17. Which crime organization do you belong to?
  18. Survive This
  19. Street Weapon of Choice Selector
  20. What crime selector

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