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  1. Which Celebrity Is Your Soul Mate Most Similar To? (Revised)
  2. If a Movie was Inspired by your Life... Who Would Play YOU?
  3. Which cute celebrity is your true soulmate?
  4. Which Avril Song are you?
  5. Who is your celebrity soulmate?
  6. Which one represent you the most? Ayumi Hamasaki, Yui, or Utada Hikaru?
  7. Which celebrity do i act more like?
  8. What unattractive celebrity are you?
  9. Which Female Celebrity are You Most Like?
  10. Movie Star Selector
  11. Which obscure celebrity are you?
  12. Which Olsen Twin Are You Most Like?
  13. Who do you resemble the most in F(x)?
  14. How FAKE are You??
  15. Which Pop Star Do You Hate?
  16. Which girl is best for you?
  17. Which celebrity are you?
  18. Which Celebrity Woman Should You Date?
  20. Who is your celebrity match?

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