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  1. Young Adult Cartoons Selector
  2. Which Classic Disney Afternoon Cartoon should U Binge Watch?
  3. Which TF Villain Are U?
  4. Which G.I. Joe Extreme Character Are You Most Like?
  5. Which family guy Character Are You... accurate results N better selection!
  6. Which Cartoon Town is BEST for U?
  7. Which Peanuts Character RU?
  8. Which G.I. Joe Real American Hero Character Are You Most Like?
  9. Which Beast Mode Did You Score In The Beast Wars?
  10. Which Transformers Animated Character Are U?
  11. Who Would Want To Date You Daphne Blake💜 Or Velma Dinkley🧡?
  12. Which Good guy saves you? (Revised)
  13. Which X-Men The Animated Series Character are U?
  14. Which Old School Cartoon Network Girl would Follow You Home?
  15. Which Peanuts Girl Digs U if U Repeated 2nd Grade?
  16. Which Female Animaniac would Yell, HELLO NURSE! Seeing U?
  17. Which Of The Original Thirteen Transformers Are You?
  18. Which LOONEY Tune Are U... REALLY?
  19. What is Ur Alternate Mode as a Cybertronian?
  20. Which Justice Friend Assembles Within You?

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