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  1. Moral Orel personality test!
  2. Which South Park Kid are U?
  3. Which Happy Tree Friends Character Are You?
  4. Which X-Men The Animated Series Character are U?
  5. Which Voltron pilot are you most like?
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  7. What Looney Tunes Character are you like?
  8. Which Constructicon Are You
  9. Which Transformers Faction Are You... REALLY?
  10. Kung Fu Panda personality test!
  11. Which Old School Cartoon Network Girl would Follow You Home?
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  13. Powerpuff Girls personality test!
  14. Family Guy personality test!
  15. What Cartoon character are you???
  16. what the loud house character are you?
  17. Which Cartoon Character Are You Most Like?
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  19. Which Beast Mode Did You Score In The Beast Wars?
  20. What type of animated character are you?

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