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Right Angle Triangle Solver

How long are all the sides of the triangle? What are its angles? To solve the triangle, you must enter the length (using numerals and decimals only) of two sides, or one side & one angle. This works only on right triangles (where one angle is 90 degrees). The numbers you enter represent inches, yards, meters, miles, etc. You may go the fourth decimal place.

Short side of the triangle:
Long side of the triangle:

Enter 2 sides
1 side & 1 angle.

Small angle, 45 or less, of the triangle:
Large angle, less than 90, of the triangle:

Further information about the Triangle Solver
With this module, you only need to fill in two boxes with information, and the rest will be calculated for you. One of the boxes must be a length of a side, and the other may be either a side or an angle. If you enter a side and an angle, notice that one box is for if the angle is next (adjacent) to the side that you gave, and the other box is if the angle is opposite the given side. The solution will be different in each case, so be sure to enter the information in the proper box. If you give the hypotenuse (the longest side, the one opposite the 90 angle) as the known side, it doesn't matter which box you put the angle in, although of course technically it is adjacent to the given side.

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