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whick Code Lyoko character are you most like?
Who are you in the Chobits world?
Who are you most like from the show yugioh?
Who in Gundam Wing are you Most Like?
Who is *your* ideal Anime Man?
Who is the Bishonen for You?
Who is you Inuyasha girlfriend/boyfriend?
Who is your anime boyfriend?
Who is your Ideal Naruto Girl?
Who is your ideal Naruto Guy
Who saiyuki character is suitable for you?
Who Should Be Your Beyblade Boyfriend?
Who would be the right anime guy for YOU!
whos you yu-gi-oh boyfriend?
Who's your anime boyfriend
Who's Your Gung-Ho Gun?
Who's YOUR Kodocha Character? XD!
Who's your perfect bishounen?
whos your werewolf
Whose Personality in Naruto do you fit?
Wicked Blue Character Selector
Wild ARMs character selector
Witch is your favorite Naruto charcter?
X CLAMP Characters Quiz
X Tarot Card
xenosaga character selector
Xiaolin Showdown Character Match
Xiaolin showdown personality test
Yami no Matsuei Compatibility Test
Yaoi Obsession Selector
Yaoi Selector
Yoroiden Samurai Troopers Personality Test
Your Anime Character Personality
Your Anime Soul Mate
Your 'Bad boy' bishonen match
Your Dirty Pair Classic Personality
Your FFVII Person!
Your Perfect Video game/anime bishonen
Your Yu-gi-oh! Character!
Yu Yu Hakusho Character Test
Yu Yu Hakusho Personality Quiz
Yugioh character quiz!
yugioh charactor selector!
Yugioh gx personality quiz
Yugioh Monster Type/ Attribute Quiz
Yugioh- Which Character are you _(FnEx)_
Yu-Gi-Oh! Character Selector
Yu-Gi-Oh! Character Selector
Which Yu-Gi-Oh! character are you?
Which Zatch Bell Character Are You Most Like?
Which Zelda Character are YOU most like?
Which Zodiac Sailor are you most like? complete with image
Which Zodiac Senshi Are You?
Which Super Robot Wars Pilot Are You?
Which Tales of Phantasia Character Are You?
Which Teen Titans Character are you?
Which Tokyo Babylon Character are you Most Like?
which tokyo mew mew girl are you?
Which Trigun Character are you?
Which Valkyrie Profile Character are you
Which Vandread Character Are You?
Which Voltron Character Are You Most Like?
Which Wedding Peach character are you?
Which Witch Hunter Robin Character Are You?
Which Sister Princess character are you?
Which Sitcom(c) Character are you?
Which Slam Dunk character are you?
Yu-Gi-Oh! Personality Quiz
Yuyu Hakusho Personality Test
Zoids Personality Quiz
What Ninja Scroll Villain Are You?
What person from kof are you the most like?
What Pet Shop of Horrors Character are you?
What pokemon are you?
What Pokemorph are you?
What Season 1 Digimon character are you?
What Shaman King Character Are You?
What Slayers character are you?
What Teen Titan are you?
What type of anime Charactor are you?
What Violinist of Hameln Character are you like
What W.I.T.C.H character are you?
What Wolf's rain character are you?
What ''Wolf's Rain'' character might you be?
What Yu-Gi-Oh Character Are You?
what yugioh monster type are you
What's You Anime Blood Type?
What's your anime hair color?
what's your nen
What's Your Pocket Dragon?
Which Akatsuki Character are you?
Which Angel Sanctuary character are you?
Which Angel-tai Member are You?
Which anime bishounen are you?
Which Anime Bishounen Would You Most Like To Glomp?
Which Anime Character Am I?
Which anime eye type are you?
Which anime female character would be your ideal parter
Which Anime Girl Should You Turn Gay For?
Which anime hair color and style would you have?
Which anime should you watch
Which Anime Uke Are You?
Which Anime Villain are You?
Which Anime/Comic/Video Character(fighting and rpg) are you?
Which Ayashi no Ceres (Ceres: Celestial Legend) character are you?
Which Battle Royale student are you?
Which Berserk character are you?
Which BeyBlade Character Are You?
Which Blade of the Immortal Character Are You?
Which Bleach Character are you!
Which blood type are you?
which bo-bobo character are you?
which bobobo-bobo-bobo character are you most like!?
Which Card Captors Guy Is Best For You?
Which Cardcaptors character are you most like?
Which CCS relationship are you most likely going into?
Which character are you most like in Revolutionary Girl Utena?
Which Character are you most like?
Which Character from Destiny's Love are you most like?
Which Character from Spiral are you?
Which character from the Mars manga are you?
Which character is best fit to you in Senkaiden Hoshin Engi?
Which Character Would You Be If You Were In Naruto?
Which Chrono Crusade Character Do You Act Most Like?
Which Clow Card are you most like?
Which Cosplay Personality are you?
Which D.N Angel Character are you?
Which D.N. Angel Character Are You?
Which Dark Rose (Zatch Bell fanfic) character are you?
Which DBZ bitch are you most like?
Which Death Note Character Are You?
which deathnote character are you?
Which DigiDestined Are You?
Which Yami no Matsuei Character are You Most like?
Which yaoi Shaman King couple are you?
Which Yu Gi Oh Character Are You?
Which Yu Yu Hakusho Character are you?
Which Yugioh boy would be best to be your boyfriend?
Which digimon crest do you belong to?
Which Digimon Frontier Character are you most like?
Which Digimon Frontier Character are you most like?
Which Digimon RPG character are you like?
Which Disgaea Hour of Darkness Character are you?
Which DNAngel character r u?
Which Dragon Knights Character are you?
Which Dragonball Z Character Are You?
Which Dragonball Z Villain are you?
Which Drgon Ball Z Character are you? (Male)
Which Dynasty Warriors Character are you?
Which Eevee Evolution Are You?
Which Eeveelution are You?
Which Escaflowne Character are You?
Which Eva Character Are You Most Like
Which Eva Unit Are you?
Which ''Fake'' Anime character are you? *^_^*
Which Female Anime Character are you like
Which FF8 character are you most like?
Which FLCL (Furi Kuri) (Fooly Cooly)(You American Pigs
Which FMA Character are you?
Which Fruits Basket Character Do You Relate To?
Which Fullmetal Alchemist Character Are You?
Which Fushigi Yuugi Character are YOU?
Which G/S/C Dark Pokemon Are You Most Like?
Which Genki Goth Character are you?
Which Gensoumaden Saiyuki Boy would marry you?
Which Goddess from Oh My Goddess are you?
Which Gold Saint are you?
Which Grandia Character are you?
Which Gravitation character are you?
Which Guilty Gear Character are you?
Which Gundam are you?
Which gundam character is your matchmate in heaven?
Which Gundam Seed Character are you?
Which Gundam Wing Character Are You Most Like?
Which Gundam Wing Character are You?
Which Gundam Wing Character Would You Date?
Which GW bishounen is best?
Which gym leader would you be?
Which Ham-Ham are you?
Which Heat Guy J Character Are You?
Which Hellsing character are you?
Which hot anime girl would warm you up?
Which hot anime guy would warm you up?
Which Yugioh Character Are You Most Like?
Which YuGiOh Character are you?
which yugioh characters are u most like?
Which Yugioh Gx Character are You?
Which Yu-Gi-Oh! Character Are You?
Which InuYasha Character are you MOST like?
Which Inuyasha charecter should you date?
Which Jungle Wa Itsumo Hale Nochi Guu character are you
Which Justice league member are you?
Which Kamikaze Kaitou Jeanne Character are You?
Which Karekano Character are You?
Which Spirited Away Character Are You Most Like?
Which Star Ocean EX Character are you?
Which Starfox Character Are You Most Like?
Which Street Fighter (Alpha series) character are you? (it's
Which Suikoden 2 Character Are You?
Which Suikoden Character are you most compatible with? (it's
Which Sukisyo character are you?
Which super friend are you?