This quiz tests What is your bitchy personality? Winged Bitch Humor Knowledge Quizzes, Trivia, IQ Tests
This Humor IQ Quiz is based upon the selector What is your bitchy personality? by The Nice Bitches.
Test your knowledge of:
Winged Bitch

Show what you know by answering true or false to the following. Answer ''false'' if neither applies or if you're not sure. Your score will be calculated on the next page.

Your first question is below.

You are most comfortable on a Saturday nite sharing the greens and playing the Playstation.
True False

You would love to own a cafe or deli some day.
True False

You would love to dole out fashion advice to the stars.
True False

You are constantly correcting everyone's grammar.
True False

If you could be one animal, it would be a and fecal flinging
True False

Your ideal car would a blue Volkswagon bug.
True False

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