This quiz tests Random Blasphemies What are you? Mormon? Atheist? Agnostic? False religion? Humor Knowledge Quizzes, Trivia, IQ Tests
This Humor IQ Quiz is based upon the selector Random Blasphemies by John Hancock.
Test your knowledge of:
What are you? Mormon? Atheist? Agnostic? False religion?

Show what you know by answering true or false to the following. Answer ''false'' if neither applies or if you're not sure. Your score will be calculated on the next page.

Your first question is below.

If God is everywhere, is God in Hell?
True False

Can God create a rock so huge even He cannot lift it?
True False

Do miracles (as in the New Testament) happen today?
True False

Is the universe young?
True False

Was there a time before time began?
True False

Can a saved person ever become lost and damned to hell again?
True False

Now that you have answered all the questions, continue to the Show Me My Score button below.

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