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  1. Pooper Scooper

  2. New York City

  3. Sept 11th Plane

  4. Donald's Soggy Bottom

  5. Rufias

  6. Chachi's Brother

  7. Dark Emeror Alex

  8. PS2

  9. Krauss-Cabbit

  10. Grey

  11. Cesare

  12. SSTCD

  13. S.S. Buchemi

  14. Lunar Dog

  15. Clint

  16. Back Street Bots

  17. Dr. Bellamy

  18. Plothole Mc Gee

  19. Urine Drinking Man

  20. Arcade Guy

  21. Cleopatra Moongazer

  22. Satanic Bill Gates

  23. Margret

  24. Miss Empire

  25. Dog

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