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  1. Terran Command Center

  2. Terran Seige Tank

  3. Terran Marine

  4. Terran Medic

  5. Terran Firebat

  6. Terran Ghost

  7. Terran Wraith

  8. Terran Science Vessel

  9. Protoss Nexus

  10. Protoss Probe

  11. Protoss Zealot

  12. Protoss Dark Templar

  13. Protoss Arbiter

  14. Protoss Carrier

  15. Protoss Dark Archon

  16. Protoss Shuttle

  17. Zerg Hive

  18. Zerg Overlord

  19. Zerg Zergling

  20. Zerg Hydralisk

  21. Zerg Creep Colony

  22. Zerg Mutalisk

  23. Protoss Observer

  24. Terran Shuttle

  25. Zerg Drone

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