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  1. Cloud- FF7

  2. Fei- Xenogears

  3. Krelian- Xenogears

  4. Aeris- FF7

  5. Tifa- FF7

  6. Celes- FF6

  7. Locke- FF6

  8. Elly- Xenogears

  9. Ryudo- Grandia II

  10. Millenia- Grandia II

  11. Kain- FF4

  12. Vivi- FF9

  13. Leo- Lunar 2: EB

  14. Zidane- FF9

  15. Squall- FF8

  16. Laguna- FF8

  17. Selphie- FF8

  18. Bart- Xenogears

  19. Citan Uzuki- Xenogears

  20. Ryu- Breath of Fire

  21. Sephiroth- FF7

  22. Rose- The Legend of Dragoon

  23. Lucca- Chrono Trigger

  24. Cid- FF(pick one)

  25. Cecil- FF4

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