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  1. Tenchi Masaki-The dumstruck chick magn

  2. Nobody(Raziel Trinity)-Laid back gunsl

  3. Ryoko-Love stricken space pirate.

  4. Ayeka-Stuck up princess who hates Ryok

  5. Sasami-Only sane female in the house,

  6. Mihoshi-Idiot cop who can't do anythin

  7. Washu-Lunatic genius who created Ryoko

  8. Kiyonne-Overstressed partner of Mihosh

  9. Tsunami-the spirit of Jurai who watche

  10. Ryo-oh-ki-A cute cat/rabbit that turn

  11. Acheka-Tenchi's mother.

  12. Nobiyuki-Tenchi's father.

  13. Sakura-The girl who Tenchi does fall i

  14. Kain-Ex juirain gaurdian who want's t

  15. Sion-Nobody's ex partner and the main

  16. Malachor-A monster who want's to get a

  17. King of Jurai-A stuckup king who likes

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