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  1. Charles Xavier

  2. Scott Summers Cyclops

  3. Jean Grey Marvel girl

  4. Bobby Drake Iceman

  5. Hank Mckoy Beast

  6. Warren Worthington III Angel

  7. Alex Summers Havok

  8. Lorna Dane Polaris

  9. Shiro Yosiha Sun Fire

  10. Kurt Wagner Nightcrawler

  11. Piotr Rasputin Colossus

  12. Ororo Munroe Storm

  13. Sean Cassidy Banshee

  14. Logan w Logan Wolverine

  15. John Proudstar Thunderbird

  16. Kitty Pride (anybody remebers the alte

  17. Alison Blaire Dazzler

  18. ??? Rogue

  19. Elizabeth Braddock Psylocke

  20. Longshot

  21. Forge

  22. Remy Le Beau Gambit

  23. Bishop

  24. Jubilation Lee Jubilee

  25. Rachel Summers Fenix II

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