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A Love Selector by Force Gravity, created July 2000.
Have you ever wondered which member of the Forcegravity clan you would match up with best? Before you try any blind dates, take this preliminary screening to see who your ideal partner is! Disclaimer.
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The first selector question is below.

1. Do you prefer to speak in a foreign language?
Prioritize your choice above:
High Medium Low

2. Are you a fan of charm bracelets or Bobby Sherman apparel?
Prioritize your choice above:
High Medium Low

3. Are you under the age of 14?
Prioritize your choice above:
High Medium Low

4. Do you prefer PERL scripting to CGI?
Prioritize your choice above:
High Medium Low

5. Do suspended licenses get you going?
Prioritize your choice above:
High Medium Low

6. Do you watch Screen Savers on TechTV?
Prioritize your choice above:
High Medium Low

7. Do you watch the Game Show Network at least two hours a day?
Prioritize your choice above:
High Medium Low

8. Would you like to ride in a red Jetta?
Prioritize your choice above:
High Medium Low

9. Do you like tall, lanky Brits?
Prioritize your choice above:
High Medium Low

10. Are movies cool?
Prioritize your choice above:
High Medium Low

11. Is the Isthmus of Panama coincident with the 23rd parallel?
Prioritize your choice above:
High Medium Low

12. Was Benjamin Franklin the best U.S. President?
Prioritize your choice above:
High Medium Low

13. Do you consider the gender-bending mayhem of Freddie Mercury to be beneficial to mid-80s pop culture?
Prioritize your choice above:
High Medium Low

14. Is the definite integral from 0 to 1 of 3x dx equal to 488493 x 1067?
Prioritize your choice above:
High Medium Low

Now that you have answered all the questions, continue to the Show Me My Results! button below.

Just for fun, predict what your #1 result will be.Your prediction will not influence your results.

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