Survey Says: Top What UFC fighter are you? results, Martial Arts Survey
Martial ArtsThe top 10 What UFC fighter are you? results of 2336 participants. Percentages indicate the frequency of the self-selected participants' top results for What UFC fighter are you?.      

#1 34.8%
You are Frank Shamrock! Fast. Agile. Well-rounded. Great submission specialist.
#2 24.4%
You are Vanderlei Silva! The axe murderer. People fear you. You knock your oponents out with ease.
#3 11.0%
You are Pedro Rizzo! Your jaw is made out of stone. You are always exciting to watch, and a knock out specialist.
#4 6.6%
You are Royce Gracie! The original champ. Stone cold stare. Submission expert. Your family has never lost a fight, so you say.
#5 6.4%
You are Tito Ortiz! You like to over-power your opponent and beat em' to a bloody pulp. You speak your mind and don't give a shit about what anyone thinks.
#6 5.3%
You are Tank Abbot! You knock people out for a living, but you enjoy drinking beer more than training.
#7 3.7%
You are Pat Mellitich! You're an expert grappler, but watching you fight is like watching grass grow.
#8 3.1%
You are Jeremy Horn! Young, quick, effective. Jiu-Jitsu is your specialty.
#9 2.7%
You are Mark Coleman! You like to ground n' pound. But you run out of gas pretty quick.
#10 2.1%
You are Mark Kerr! You are a physical specimin. You like to take your oponents down. And you never break the rules!

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