Survey Says: Top What type of North American Whiskey are you??? results, Alcoholic Beverages Survey Selectsmart.com
Alcoholic BeveragesThe top 15 What type of North American Whiskey are you??? results of 304 participants. Percentages indicate the frequency of the self-selected participants' top results for What type of North American Whiskey are you???.

#1 36.8%
Gentleman Jack- Some damn fine whiskey
#2 18.1%
100 proof Southern Comfort- the official drink of the univeristy of mississippi, at first it's all about kicking some ass then the caramel kicks in and overwhelms you
#3 14.8%
Jim Beam Black Label- Best Jim Beam has to offer
#4 6.3%
Jack Daniels black label- at first the charcoal is overwhelming but swish it around a little and you'll get a rather favorable suprise
#5 4.3%
Canadian Hunter- little brother to crown royal known to give drinkers the constant runs
#6 4.3%
Crown Royal- the papa of canadian whiskies mostly for people that don't know what they want in a whiskey and just drink the fashionable drink
#7 3.6%
Wild Turkey 101- They call it Wild for a reason
#8 3.0%
Jim Beam white label- good all around choice not to raspy and a small hint of caramel at the finish
#9 2.6%
Heaven Hill- Oh, God i think i'd rather drink mule piss
#10 2.6%
Rebel Yell- She cried more, more, more,
#11 2.0%
Old Grand Dad- oh god that's gonna leave a mark
#12 0.7%
Kentucky Tavern-Oh, God i think i'd rather drink mule piss mixed with otter semen
#13 0.7%
Ten Year Old Charter- been known to cause cancer in lab rats
#14 0.3%
Old Crow- Old crow is just about all you can say about it
#15 0.0%
Maker's Mark- the Caddy of bourbon, nice all around drink

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