Survey Says: Top What color should you wear today? results, Fashion Survey
FashionThe top 10 What color should you wear today? results of 26528 participants.

Percentages indicate the frequency of the self-selected participants' top results for What color should you wear today?.

#1 30.1%
Cool Tones-blue, green, violet
#2 22.3%
Prissy-pink,bright blue,spring green
#3 8.3%
Pastels-baby blue,lavender,yellow
#4 8.3%
Bold and Bright-orange,red,yellow,bright blue
#5 8.2%
#6 7.0%
Go Punk-black,red,silver
#7 7.0%
Jewel Tones-navy,emerald green,red,violet
#8 4.6%
Strong Earthy Colors-rust,green,dark brown
#9 3.6%
Unique Contrast-black or grey with lime green,orange,yellow,or sky blue
#10 0.8%
Red Tones-brick,crimson,pink,salmon etc.

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