Survey Says: Top Dictatorship Styles results, Politics Survey
The top 8 Dictatorship Styles results of 1327 participants. Percentages indicate the frequency of the self-selected participants' top results for Dictatorship Styles.      

#1 56.9%
Communist Vanguard Party Leader (Stalin, Josip Broz Tito, Castro (Both)): You have at your disposal a command economy, ready to be commanded. To ensure the Nation does not collapse in on itself, mercilessly purge the bureaucracy of all fat ticks enriching themselves at the Nation's expense (do NOT purge the officer corp). How much freedom you allow your citizens can range from Stalin's brutal, purge-happy totalitarian policies to Tito's mostly benevolent and flexible rule.
#2 11.2%
New Monarchical Dynasty (Bokassa, Napoleon III): After gaining power either through a coup de ta or an election (rigged or otherwise), declare a new dynasty, name yourself Emperor, begin fulfilling the Nation's nationalistic and territorial needs.
#3 10.8%
Nationalist Despot (Antonescu, Saddam Hussein): Your rule is based on 2 things, improving the Nation territorialy and militarily, and absolute power for you.
#4 7.2%
Corrupt Kleptocrat (Batista, Trujillo): You and your family own most of the country (and if not, why not?), exploiting the people solely for personal gain.
#5 5.0%
Theocracy (Ayatollah, Mohammed Zia-ul Haq): Your country is ruled by religion, with you deciding the details. Best to stick truely to the state religion, as it is your main source of legitimacy.
#6 4.8%
Extreme Fascist (der Fuhrer, il Duce): You rule absolutely, the Nation at your disposal to fulfill your personal Ideology, for example exterminating half of humanity. Just don't invade Russia. Just don't.
#7 2.3%
Fake Democracy (Hugo Chavez, Vadamir Putin): Once you've been sworn in as Head of State, start slowly increasing your powers by fooling the electorate into agreeing to constitutional amendments with lots of loopholes. Alternatively, simply rule Russia.
#8 1.7%
Junta (Galtieri, Haile Mariam): Mix of Corrupt Kleptocrat and Nationalistic Despot. In this system, you share Power with several others.

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