Survey Says: Top What Strange Creature are You? results, Wild Animals Survey
Wild Animals
The top 6 What Strange Creature are You? results of 393 participants. Percentages indicate the frequency of the self-selected participants' top results for What Strange Creature are You?.      

#1 36.6%
Selkie- You are an Irish legend. Part seal, part woman, you can morph. But when you are a human, you have a longing for the always end up as a seal.
#2 26.5%
Werewolf- You appear to be a man, but you morph into a wolf when there is a full moon. You are feared by many. Also known as the Lycanthrope, you were first seen hundreds of years ago in France.
#3 17.6%
Bigfoot- You are a brown, ape-like creature, similar to the Yeti, but in a different setting. You live in the woods of North America. You are strangely tall.
#4 7.4%
Yeti- You are an ape-like thing that lives in the Himalayas. You are the Bigfoot of Nepal, basically.
#5 6.6%
Siren- you are an Ancient Greek mythical creature. You are part woman, part bird. You lure sailors to their death with your singing.
#6 5.3%
Loch Ness Monster- You are a dinosaur-like creature that lives undersea in a lake in Scotland called...Loch Ness. You have been seen very rarely, and you are a seclusive creature. A lot of fake pictures of you have been created...

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