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The top 16 American States That Never Were...But Wanted To Be. results of 148 participants. Percentages indicate the frequency of the self-selected participants' top results for American States That Never Were...But Wanted To Be..      

#1 25.0%
Superior is the name of various state proposals involving the secession of the Upper Peninsula of Michigan, sometimes parts of Wisconsin and parts of Michigan. Efforts to secede date back to 1858.
#2 14.2%
Nickajack was the name of a proposed neutral state of Unionist areas of North Alabama and East Tennessee. In the period leading up to the American Civil War there was much talk of secession made by the politicians representing wealthy plantation owners in the Black Belt. Hill country residents were typically poor dirt-farmers and rarely slave-owners. They considered the war that would inevitably follow secession to be ''a war for the rich, fought by the poor,'' and wished to have nothing to do with it.
#3 11.5%
Absaroka, named after the Absaroka Range, was an area in the United States, comprising parts of the states of Montana, South Dakota, and Wyoming, that contemplated secession and statehood in 1939.
#4 10.8%
Texlahoma. Cars need good roads, and in pre-World War II America, the roads were awful. People in rural places such as northern Texas and western Oklahoma were especially desperate for decent roads, but politicians in the faraway state capitals weren't listening. So the Texlahoma proposal was created, forty-six counties in Texas and twenty-three in Oklahoma would join to form Texlahoma.
#5 8.8%
Lincoln. Legislators have proposed several options for redrawing Idaho's boundaries. This 1917 plan would've turned northern panhandle part of Idaho and Eastern Washington State into a new state.
#6 6.8%
Montezuma. A proposal to add Arizona and New Mexico as one state.
#7 6.1%
Deseret was a provisional state of the United States, proposed in 1849 by Latter-day Saint settlers in Salt Lake City. Deseret existed for slightly over two years and was never recognized by the US government. It covered all or parts of present day Utah, Nevada, Arizona, Colorado, New Mexico, California, Oregon, Idaho and Wyoming.
#8 4.7%
Western Illinois residents proposed the state of Forgottonia to attract attention to their bid for an interstate highway between Chicago and Kansas City.
#9 4.1%
The State of Jefferson is a proposed U.S. state that would span the contiguous and mostly rural area of Southern Oregon and Northern California, where several attempts to secede from Oregon and California, respectively, have taken place in order to gain own statehood.
#10 2.7%
Frontiersman Daniel Boone proposed that Transylvania become the 14th state, but the Continental Congress refused. Boone established special horse-breeding rules, setting the stage for Kentucky's later fame as equestrian country. Area covering large portions of Tennessee and Kentucky.
#11 2.0%
West Kansas. Several southwest Kansas counties proposed forming their own state in 1992 to protest what they perceived as unfair distribution of tax dollars.
#12 1.4%
Dakota. An 1856 proposal to split the Minnesota Territory horizontally into two states, Minnesota and Dakota, almost became law. Dakota was to be above Minnesota.
#13 1.4%
The State of Sequoyah was the proposed name for a state to be established in the eastern part of present-day Oklahoma. In 1905, faced by proposals to end their tribal governments, Native Americans of the Five Civilized Tribes in Indian Territory proposed such a state as a means to retain some control of their land. Their intention was to have a state under Native American constitution and rule.
#14 0.7%
The State of Franklin was an autonomous, secessionist United States territory created, not long after the end of the American Revolution, from territory that later was ceded by North Carolina to the federal government. Franklin's territory later became part of the state of Tennessee. Franklin was never officially admitted into the Union of the United States and existed for only four years, 1784-1788
#15 0.0%
West Dakota. This proposal would have created this smaller state next to a larger ''Dakota''.
#16 0.0%
Westsylvania was a proposed state of the United States located primarily in what is now western Pennsylvania and West Virginia. First proposed early in the American Revolution, Westsylvania would have been the fourteenth state in the newly formed United States had it been recognized.

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