Survey Says: Top What Color Matches Your Personality? results, Personality Survey
The top 11 What Color Matches Your Personality? results of 12598 participants. Percentages indicate the frequency of the self-selected participants' top results for What Color Matches Your Personality?.      

#1 22.6%
Black- Unique and artistic, you think outside the box. You are sarcastic and don't judge a book by it's cover. Your bad side is that sometimes you can be too sarcastic sometimes.
#2 21.5%
Brown- Family-oriented and warm. You love your family close to you and are warm and kind to people .You are always honest because you don't like lying. You are talkative and like giving hugs, Your bad point is that you can get a little too honest sometimes and it can hurt people.
#3 21.4%
Blue- Outgoing and a born leader. People follow your strong leadership skills and outgoing personality. You are also very brave. You will argue all of your views. Your bad point is your bosiness.
#4 13.9%
Pink- Cute and shy, you are very sensitive. You would make a great parent or vet.
#5 6.7%
Green - Intelligent and have good ideas. You may be labeled a geek in life, which can hurt your sensitive nature. You like computers and math. You have great ideas and inventions in your head. You will make a lot of money someday. Your bad point is that you are sometimes impatient with people less intelligent than you.
#6 6.1%
Purple- Mysterious and moody. You are a loner and do prefer to be alone. You are clever and talented but no one really knows anything about you because you don't open up to people, but once they get to know you, they do really like you. Your bad point is that you are too mysterious.
#7 2.9%
Orange- Dreamer and Activist. You care about the future and want to help it out. You go to protests. You are not easily persuaded and want to protect your beliefs and rights. Your bad points are that you are a bit argumentative and have a mild temper.
#8 2.8%
White-You are deeply religious. You are such a kind person, like an angel perhaps. Your goal is to inspire people and bring them closer to God. You do this skillfully though, and not demandingly, so people respect you. Your only bad point is that you sometimes are a little too good.
#9 1.0%
Yellow- Energetic, peppy, and fun. You are usually always in a good mood and can put a smile on someone's face. You have a good sense of humor, your only bad side is that sometimes you take a joke too far.
#10 0.8%
Red- Romantic and attractive, you care alot about material things and physical beauty. You work hard in life and will succeed. You are very charming. Your bad point is your temper. Also try to remember that beauty is only skin deep.
#11 0.3%
Silver- Rebellious and free. You are unique, wild, and loud. You are yourself and proud of it. People like you because they can have a cool time hanging out with you. You live life on your own terms. Your bad point is that you are sometimes a bit too wild.

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