Survey Says: Top Which lotr Ringwraith personality are you? results, Movies Survey
MoviesThe top 9 Which lotr Ringwraith personality are you? results of 3289 participants. Percentages indicate the frequency of the self-selected participants' top results for Which lotr Ringwraith personality are you?.      

#1 39.9%
Mothering ringwraith - Steve. You like to push other people around, but you only do it because you love them.
#2 25.7%
Woman ringwraith - Kat. You are strong willed and won't let any man walk all over you.
#3 19.8%
Intellectual ringwraith - Alan. You're a little bit scruffy and musty because your head's always hidden in a good novel.
#4 6.1%
Ladies man ringwraith - Will. You certainly think a lot of yourself don't you? You're good looking and you know it.
#5 3.1%
Gay ringwraith - Alec. Enough said.
#6 1.7%
Fashion Victim ringwraith - Dave. Your wardrobe looks like Moria, but at least you've got the best pink handbag from the Gap of Rohan.
#7 1.3%
Stupid ringwraith - George. Your principals are a bit out of line aren't they? You never get it right. Aww diddums.
#8 1.2%
Lady man ringwraith - Trevor. You're a bit unsure about yourself in some ways.
#9 1.2%
Posh ringwraith - Tarquin the Third. Jolly good old bean!

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