Survey Says: Top What Animal/Color Combination Are You? results, Wild Animals Survey
Wild Animals
The top 8 What Animal/Color Combination Are You? results of 1368 participants. Percentages indicate the frequency of the self-selected participants' top results for What Animal/Color Combination Are You?.      

#1 40.3%
Red Turtle- You're a complete sweet heart when you want to be. Although, at times you tend to close yourself off from the world. You're a pleaser in bed, but sometimes people find that you are not getting any pleasure yourself. You're a decent kisser by the way. :0)
#2 13.2%
Yellow Tiger- You're incredibly attractive to many people, both personality wise and physically. Because of this, you may be some what selective. However, don't become too full of yourself. If you cross the line then your attractivness will decrease. You're an amazing kisser and one of the best in bed! Keep it up!
#3 12.3%
Orange Stallion- This says it all, you're a stud! You attract all different types without knowing it. You can be social when you want to but if you're not in the mood it's not a good idea to push you. You actually are an O.K. kisser. It wouldn't hurt for some major changes. In bed however, you are fantastic!
#4 10.5%
Green Rabbit- You are the absolute king/queen in bed! You know what people like in the sack no doubt about it! But try to be more receptive to people thoughts and feelings out of the bedroom. When you're kissing you tend to hold back for people at times, which is actually one of your few sensitive actions.
#5 10.5%
Purple Wolf- People either love you or hate you. You do well with groups, but only if it's groups that you are close to. Otherwise you will somewhat isolate yourself. You're rough in bed and people like that, but don't get too carried away. You're a good kisser, but you hold back at times.
#6 6.6%
Pink Bird- You're a little bit of an air head, but you have some common sense compared to the average population. You know how to get away from problems fast too. You're decent in bed, always room for improvement. As for kissing you tend to cause a little discomfort. Just think about it.
#7 3.7%
Blue Fox- This means that you are extremely witty and mysterious, although, your loved ones at times wish you would just be open and up front. You're great in bed by the way. You know all the different positions and you know how to make them all work. Oh, and with the kissing, work on it a little, you're decent, but you have room for improvement.
#8 3.0%
Black Rooster- You're dominant no doubt about it! Don't get too up on your high horse though because people won't want to deal with you after awhile. You give a great time in bed, you're just rough enough, in fact at times you hold back a little and that's the only flaw for you in that area. You give nice kisses, but don't add too much tongue.

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