Survey Says: Top How would you die? results, Horror Survey
HorrorThe top 10 How would you die? results of 1311 participants.

Percentages indicate the frequency of the self-selected participants' top results for How would you die?.

#1 25.0%
Fell in a bath tub with your hairdryer
#2 23.1%
#3 17.4%
Assasinated by a highly skilled assasin
#4 9.9%
Stabbed by a robber
#5 8.3%
You didn't really die....yet
#6 7.3%
Shot in a dark alley
#7 5.0%
#8 2.6%
Stoned to death
#9 1.3%
Kidnapped and tortured to the breaking point
#10 0.0%
Natural causes

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