Survey Says: Top The 'Anti-personality' selector results, Humor Survey
HumorThe top 20 The 'Anti-personality' selector results of 121 participants. Percentages indicate the frequency of the self-selected participants' top results for The 'Anti-personality' selector.

#1 9.1%
Congratulations! You're about as unique as a Honda Civic! You're a victim of the brain-washing of MTV! You do everything else people do and being cool means the world to you. You will end up working at McDonalds because no, YOURE NOT GOING TO BECOME A POPULAR SKATER LIKE TONY HAWK!
#2 5.8%
All you ever do is complain and moan about youre life that no one cares about! You will end up commiting suicide because all you ever do is bitch and moan about your life when in reality, you have a wonderful life, its just that youre too stupid and big headed to see it! Remember to use a .22 pistol since its silent!
#3 4.1%
#4 4.1%
#5 4.1%
#6 4.1%
#7 4.1%
#8 4.1%
#9 4.1%
#10 4.1%
#11 4.1%
#12 4.1%
#13 4.1%
#14 4.1%
#15 4.1%
#16 4.1%
You are a druggie! You often spend home alone smoking weed, snorting coke, and taking LSD. You love taking drugs and you think you're cool doing it! Your parents are rich bastards who give you all the money you want because you're a spoiled little brat. Soon your mom finds out about your 'adventures', and you are shipped to boot camp, in which there you get your ass beat by bigger non-druggie guys every single day until you shoot your self. Way to live your life!
#17 3.3%
You're a anime nerd who likes to wack off alot! You get picked on but not THAT often like you're fellow nerd friends. You will end up being a anime hentai drawer but will only make a few bucks since by the year 2010, anime has gone to rot! Way to spend your life!
#18 2.5%
You are a basketball obssessed *foreign* little punk! You often go to the local park to BALL up others and you like to smoke weed. You are the typical *foreign* basketball player and you get cross overed and dunked on every single time, but you still maintain your beliefs that you are the next MJ. You have a Jordan tattoo on the right side of your leg and you often brag that you get alot of pussy! You a low life foreign scum who will end up working at McDonalds with your fellow popular friend, John! Should of begged your mom to send you to your foreign country!
#19 0.8%
You're one of those kids in school who like to pick on kids smaller and less popular than you! You are the scum of society! Soon you will be shot and/or tortured horribly because you will end up messing with the wrong kid who's brother is a Crip. Congrats idiot!
#20 0.0%
You are the worst of the worst! You are every single trait possible listed in this selector. You are popular. You love to do drugs, especially weed. You pick on others while others pick on you since you're so retarded and ugly. You often brag about how much pussy you get when in reality, the closest thing you've got to a real woman is your mom! You often play basketball with a big ego and get your ass balled up often! You will end up being a bum and someone will rape you in the back alley! You are the lowest of the lowest! CONGRATS!

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