Survey Says: Top Which American Girl Doll Are You? results, Personality Survey
The top 8 Which American Girl Doll Are You? results of 14084 participants. Percentages indicate the frequency of the self-selected participants' top results for Which American Girl Doll Are You?.      

#1 34.5%
Felicity- -You are a colonial girl of 1774, torn between loyalties, and you have plenty of spirit. (A long time favourite of mine!)
#2 33.5%
Kaya- -You are an Nez Pierce Indian girl from 1764. You are a caring friend, but make some fatal mistakes.
#3 9.7%
Addy- -You are an escaped slave from 1864 searching for your family and trying to keep friends.
#4 8.3%
Samantha- -You're an (lucky) orphan trying to start a new family as you reach out toward your friends in the fast-changing 1904.
#5 4.6%
Kristen- -oooh, this is a bit tragic. You're a Swedish immigrant from 1854 who lost her best friend (to death!) and her home.
#6 3.5%
You are Josefina- -(So am I!) A New Mexican girl of 1824, full of hope and heart- -though things will never be the same, perhaps a new and better future *does* await.
#7 3.1%
Kit- -It's 1934, and the Great Depression has just struck your family. It's up to a curious soul like you to fix things the best you can for those around.
#8 2.8%
Molly- -During WWII (1944 to be exact), you wish for things to be the same as they were before your dad left for the war, and your jerk of a brother to leave you alone!

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