Survey Says: Top A charmed life results, Charmed Survey
CharmedThe top 9 A charmed life results of 216 participants. Percentages indicate the frequency of the self-selected participants' top results for A charmed life.      

#1 54.2%
Hello, demon. You may live to be the Source.
#2 11.6%
You are charmed and dangerous. Watch your step.
#3 9.3%
You are a human who will probably not know much magic.
#4 6.5%
You are human and a good target for an energy ball.
#5 6.0%
You are a charmed one. Blessed be.
#6 5.1%
You're human, with a good soul, a future white-lighter.
#7 4.6%
a good witch, you will live love and prosper.
#8 1.9%
You are one dead demon.
#9 0.9%
You have power enough to abuse and do, often. You will be made powerless.

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