Survey Says: Top What are you? results, Humor Survey
HumorThe top 10 What are you? results of 40 participants. Percentages indicate the frequency of the self-selected participants' top results for What are you?.      

#1 50.0%
a mouse. EEK get away!
#2 22.5%
a condom. you are very protective and stand up for whats right
#3 10.0%
monkey bars. you are very dangerous, yet kids love you
#4 7.5%
a child molester. you grab little penises and bald vaginas
#5 5.0%
an onion. *sniff* you bring sorrow wherever you go
#6 2.5%
a penis. you are yummy
#7 2.5%
scrambled eggs. you look gross and you dont taste very good either
#8 0.0%
a sick bastard. enough said
#9 0.0%
a tampon. people use you and throw you away often, because no one likes you
#10 0.0%
hydrogen. you are supa sexy

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