Survey Says: Top How crazy are you? results, Personality Survey
The top 9 How crazy are you? results of 27177 participants. Percentages indicate the frequency of the self-selected participants' top results for How crazy are you?.      

#1 28.1%
Wildthing - You've got a lot more madness and energy than most people, and are totally, um, unique. You're totally at home at parties where you can strut your wildthing self about and be loved for it. Result graphic
#2 15.3%
Dark-sider - You may appear perfectly sane most of the time but what people don't realise is that you do have a darker, madder side. When this is let free you can be totally insane. It will probably shock everyone, though, so perhaps you should tone it down. Result graphic
#3 15.1%
Hyper - You always need to do something and always need to say something and your concentration span is VERY limited. You should cut out the caffeine and take a nice long bath where you can just RELAX. Result graphic
#4 10.6%
Boring - Some people may think you're boring because you are always logical and, well, boring. Try to losen up a bit more, but being boring's not neccessarily a bad thing, I mean it's just someone elses perception of you. Without trying to sound too cheesy it's what you think of yourself that is really important. Result graphic
#5 7.5%
Complete and utter lunatic - Doesn't the name say it all? You're utterly barking mad and you love it that way. YOu may be just a little too over the top for some people, well most people, but to a select few you're perfect in every way. Result graphic Result graphic
#6 7.3%
Normal - Well you're pretty balanced with madnees and sanity mixed together in some wierd cocktail. That's a good thing, right, but you might just stay with the crowd a bit too much, don't be scared to be yourself. Result graphic
#7 6.1%
Scarily sane - OK you're so sane it's scary, umm, yeah. Result graphic
#8 5.2%
Serious - You always have a logical answer for everything and you hardly ever losen up. You do have a little craziness in you, and are relatively normal, I mean if the world was without serious people think what it would be like. Result graphic
#9 4.9%
Nutty - You're very random and very mad, but not in every way. You do have a slight (very slight) sane side, and when you can find it it's perfectly acceptable. Result graphic

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