Survey Says: Top What Weapon are You? results, Weird Survey
WeirdThe top 9 What Weapon are You? results of 1027 participants. Percentages indicate the frequency of the self-selected participants' top results for What Weapon are You?.      

#1 27.9%
Dark and calm, you are the Rapier.
#2 15.2%
Bold and firey, you are the Broadsword.
#3 15.1%
Mysterious and mystical, you are the Dragon Buster.
#4 13.2%
Focused and deadly, you are the Claw.
#5 9.7%
Large and impulsive, you are the Giant Mallet.
#6 8.2%
Silent and powerful, you are the Axe.
#7 5.6%
Strong and agile, you are the Lance.
#8 3.0%
Small and efficient, you are the Dagger.
#9 1.9%
Shy and hopeful, you are the Crossbow.

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