Survey Says: Top What Harry Potter character are you? results, Harry Potter Survey
Harry PotterThe top 7 What Harry Potter character are you? results of 149 participants.

Percentages indicate the frequency of the self-selected participants' top results for What Harry Potter character are you?.

#1 32.2%
Harry Potter--- You are the average (kind of) guy wo everyone likes. THere are some people in this world, howver, who are jealous of you celebrity.
#2 19.5%
Draco Malfoy--- You are the meanest, most evil person in the world. However, you are also one of the most coolest. You consider yourself better than others (and in most cases you are), you're rich, and pretty self obsessed.
#3 19.5%
Hermione Granger---You are the studious, Muggle born girl, who, can be seen as cocky, but is really very nice.
#4 18.8%
Ronald Weasley--- You are the bet friend to Harry Potter, who is kindof a follower,but is sometimes independent.
#5 6.0%
Headmaster Albus Dumbledore--- You are the wise, old headmaster who is respected by virtually the entire wizarding world.
#6 2.0%
Professor Gilderoy Lockhart--- You are the vain, good looking, self-obsessed DADA teacher. You feel you are better than eveyone else because of your fame, and your favorite pastime is looking in the mirror.
#7 2.0%
Professor Severus Snape---You are the greasy haired potions master, who feel that Slytherin's are the best thing to ever walk the Earth. You're slightly evil, however, most of the time you do the right thing.

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