Survey Says: Top Ghost Ship selector results, Movies Survey
MoviesThe top 8 Ghost Ship selector results of 720 participants.

Percentages indicate the frequency of the self-selected participants' top results for Ghost Ship selector.

#1 24.3%
Katie Hargrove-A nice little ghost girl
#2 21.5%
Maureen Epps-A truly annoying heroine
#3 15.8%
Dodge-A dumb blond, what can I say?
#4 14.6%
Captain Sean Murphy-Your average grizzled, horrible Irish stereotype
#5 8.6%
Munder-A friend of Dodge, basically a paycheck for Karl Urban (aka Eomer of Lord of the Rings)
#6 8.2%
Jack Ferriman-A hero who isn't really that nice...
#7 3.6%
Santos-A run-of-the-mill Hispanic, no-last-name, cannon fodder type
#8 3.3%
Greer-Token black guy

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