Survey Says: Top Which Robin Hood character are you? results, Theatre Survey Selectsmart.com
TheatreThe top 10 Which Robin Hood character are you? results of 383 participants. Percentages indicate the frequency of the self-selected participants' top results for Which Robin Hood character are you?.

#1 45.2%
Ellen Deirwald hates the sheriff because she was taken hostage by him.
#2 14.6%
Little john is tall.
#3 12.5%
Maid marian is a great woman and it is good to be her.
#4 8.4%
you are robin hood. He is smart and funny and totally heroic.
#5 6.0%
Prioress of Kirklees is robin's cousin.
#6 4.2%
Friar Tuck is just a funny guy.
#7 3.4%
king john is greedy.
#8 2.9%
queen elenor is king john's mother who likes robin and his merry band.
#9 1.6%
Much gets killed by a man he thought was a horse.
#10 1.3%
the Bishop is a hysterical character.

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