Survey Says: Top Which Nazi is most like you? results, History Survey
HistoryThe top 6 Which Nazi is most like you? results of 130 participants. Percentages indicate the frequency of the self-selected participants' top results for Which Nazi is most like you?.

#1 40.0%
Hogannnn! I vould pair you vit Colonel Wilheim Klink
#2 23.8%
I feel intense vibes directing you to General Rommel, the brilliant Panzer commander of the third reich.
#3 18.5%
You are most like Adolf Hitler. Congratulations!
#4 12.3%
I know nutzzink! But I do know that Sgt. Shulz is your Nazi soulmate.
#5 3.8%
I'd pair you with Chad Ashby, the modern day Cali punk Nazi.
#6 1.5%
Otto Van Bismark is the obvious choice for you.

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