Survey Says: Top Driver Personality Selector results, Personality Survey
PersonalityThe top 7 Driver Personality Selector results of 8441 participants. Percentages indicate the frequency of the self-selected participants' top results for Driver Personality Selector.

#1 32.2%
The Perfect Driver, Driving Style
#2 24.2%
You're the Run of the Mill Jerk, Driving Style
#3 15.0%
The Rebellious Teen with No Cares, Driving Style
#4 14.7%
The Mild Mannered Middle-Age Man, Driving Style
#5 8.4%
The Old Man With a Hat, Driving Style
#6 4.1%
The Soccer Mom, Driving Style
#7 1.4%
Why did they even give you a license? Driving Style

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