Survey Says: Top Cartoon minxes results, Disney Survey
The top 9 Cartoon minxes results of 2447 participants. Percentages indicate the frequency of the self-selected participants' top results for Cartoon minxes .      

#1 23.7%
Jessica Rabbit (so she's not Disney - who cares?) You're a sassy and sexy femme fatale who can twist any man around her little finger
#2 16.2%
Alice - You don't have much sex appeal because you're so uppity, but if you loosen up you can easily cross the line into super-minx.
#3 13.6%
Meg - Like this Hercules Minx you're feisty and you're no pushover. You're sexy and your still a force to be reckoned with.
#4 12.5%
Belle - Your clever and down to earth with a girl next door type. You may not be the most confident of people but your girl-next-door image is really something.
#5 12.3%
Cinderella - You're the classic princess and that's enough to make people fall in love with you.
#6 8.6%
Tinkerbell - You're like the mean but beautiful fairy fighting machine. You may not be the most nicest of people or the least jealous, but still everyone luvs ya
#7 8.3%
Terk - Ok you look like a gorrilla, but lets get past that. You're a tomboy and are not afraid to try something new, and that's a good thing right?
#8 3.4%
Yzma - You're definitely a diva, but perhaps other people don't find you as sexy as you do. Maybe you're just too ugly and old like this TENG supervillain.
#9 1.4%
Snow White - Your innocence and charm make you irresistable to small men, but perhaps you're just a bit too wussy

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